Monday, January 6, 2014

The Pilgrims Brave Settlers of Plymouth...

I read aloud The Pilgrims Brave Settlers of Plymouth by Lynn Groh as part of our Colonial History study.  Though some of the information in this book was review for the kids because of all the other books we'd read, I thought this book was an excellent resource and would make a great spine book.  The Pilgrims...covers life in the New World from November 1621, about one year after the Pilgrims arrived on the Mayflower, to around 1628 when more ships arrived and new colonies were started.  The last chapter does mention Governor Bradford's death in 1657 as well as the loss and re-discovery of his writings in the 1800's.  It also tells of the king of England making Plymouth part of Massachusetts Bay Colony in 1691. 

I thought Groh's book did an excellent job of showing the ups and downs of Plymouth throughout its existence.  The book held illustrations, maps, paintings, and photographs of the people, artifacts, and the settlement. The Pilgrims... is a 95 page book divided into 9 chapters.  The TruthQuest History guide's age recommendation is grades 3-8.  I used it with grades 2-4, but it certainly would be appropriate for older students.

The Pilgrims Brave Settlers of Plymouth is one of those little gems I found for 50-cents at a local school book sale.  It's a keeper that I will read again with Levi when the time is right!

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