Monday, January 27, 2014

Thirteen Colonies....

I love this Thirteen Colony series by Dennis B. Fradin!  I felt very fortunate to find the set used in excellent condition at a public school discard book sale for 50-cents each.  There is one title for each of the Original Thirteen Colonies:

The Virginia Colony
The Massachusetts Colony
The New Hampshire Colony
The Maryland Colony
The Connecticut Colony
The Rhode Island Colony
The Delaware Colony
The North Carolina Colony
The South Carolina Colony
The New Jersey Colony
The New York Colony
The Pennsylvania Colony
The Georgia Colony

The books include illustrations, photographs, maps, copies of primary source documents, and a timeline of Colonial America events.  The books are divided into chapters and start out with an introduction or overview of each state.  Then the books tell about the natives of each region and their life prior to exploration and colonization.  They go on to tell about exploration and early settlers with biographical sketches of pertinent people.  There are chapters on wars and other major historical events leading up to statehood and industrialization.

I appreciate the time that it must have taken the author to trace and study these histories in order to produce a quality book series.  The series is not super in depth, but gives a great overview of all the major events in each colony's history.  It was intended as a juvenile series.  We did not read each book from cover to cover, but instead read excerpts regarding the natives, explorers, and early settlers.  This Thirteen Colony series is an excellent resource for studying the history and people in the earliest American settlements.

You might consider these notebooking pages to accompany your study of each colony. 

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