Saturday, December 13, 2014

Real Fath for Real Life....

I recently finished reading Real Faith for Real Life, Living the Six Marks of Discipleship by Michael W. Foss for a book study with a group at church.  We studied one chapter per week for seven weeks. 

In Real Faith for Real Life, Foss invites readers on a journey of spiritual growth through applying six basic principles to their lives.  According to Foss, these "spiritual aids", prayer, worship, daily Bible reading, serving in and beyond the congregation, nurturing relationships, and tithing, "are biblical and have grown out of the Christian Church...they can help us find our way."  He says, "our spiritual calling is not to reach a particular destination and then stop.  It is an eternal invitation to grow, to become all that we are most capable of becoming."

Each chapter of Real Faith for Real Life focuses on a different mark of discipleship.  The chapters are broken down into 3-4 page sections with thoughtful discussion questions after each section.  It is readable and user friendly wherever you are on your spiritual journey.  

Personally, I felt the first three chapters were the strongest.  Maybe it was the content, prayer, worship, and daily Bible reading.  Foss gave practical ideas for strengthening each of these areas in our daily lives.  His anecdotal illustrations are realistic and support the theme.  Real Faith for Real Life is a great book for a group study. 

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