Thursday, December 18, 2014

Kaya, An American Girl...

As some of you may know, RileyAnn is very into American Girl.  She's been through most of the books more than once, but wanted an opportunity to read them again and complete a lapbook for each girl's historical time period we study.  Therefore, I've tried to incorporate them whenever possible.  Last year, when we studied Colonial Williamsburg, I made Felicity part of our study. 

Because Kaya is part of the Nez Perce tribe in the northwest part of our nation, I decided to wait until this year and study her with Lewis & Clark, as they encountered the Nez Perce on their expedition.  We used the American Girl Lapbook Templates found here at Homeschool Share

Typically, I help her assemble the folders and she completes the rest on her own in her free time.   One of the beauties of homeschooling is being able to teach to your child's strengths and interests.  Each of our kids will tell you history is their favorite subject.  I contribute this to great living books and hands on projects that interest them.

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