Thursday, January 29, 2015

The Book of Ruth....

I'm excited to say, I just finished my second mother culture book for the year!  Ruth by Stephen Davey is part of the Wisdom Commentary Series.  The Old Testament Book of Ruth is a love story that parallels the love of Christ for "His bride", as Davey puts it.   The story of Ruth is really quite beautiful.   She is a Moabite condemned by God's law who, in the end, is redeemed by Boaz because of her faith in Christ.  In chapter one, Davey writes, "The Book of Ruth demonstrates the grace of God, the love of Christ, the proof of Christ's lineage, and the witness that godliness is possible even in ungodly times."  I found his message to be a refreshing breath of hope.

Overall, I found Ruth inspirational.  Davey does get off on personal tangents from time to time, which was a minor distraction.  Also, I felt Ruth didn't finish as strong as it started.   Davey did not nail down the ending.  Even with the negative, I learned a great deal.  I would recommend this commentary.  It's an easy and informative read. 

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