Monday, January 12, 2015

Trail of Apple Blossoms....

Trail of Apple Blossoms by Irene Hunt is a fabulous account of John Chapman, AKA Johnny Appleseed.  It is not a biography of Chapman, though some events are said to have really happened.  Rather, it's a story of good deed, putting others before self, and overall love.  This 1968, out-of-print book is a wonderful story of Chapman's character.  I became emotional at several points throughout the book.  Both Riley and Ruben told me more than once that they really loved this story.  We give Trail of Apple Blossoms two thumbs up!


  1. Sounds wonderful! If you ever run across another copy, let me know and we might just buy it. On another note, do you like other books Irene Hunt has written?

  2. This is the first book I've personally read by her. But, I know Across Five Aprils is highly recommended by many reputable curricula including Beautiful Feet, TruthQuest, and Sonlight.