Friday, August 7, 2015

Friday Findings: The Sky is Not the Limit, BF's New Guide, FREE Charlotte Mason Tutor....

Sarah Mackenzie wrote a wonderful post last week titled, I Am Not An Airplane.  It's a timely reminder in this homeschool planning season.  She says, "What if I treated my time like a budget?"....her analogy really resonated with me.   BTW, I ordered her book, Teaching from Rest, this week and look forward to its arrival :)

Beautiful Feet released an update on its U.S. and World History guide on Monday.  I used the original BF guide with Angel in 11th and 12th grade.  She greatly enjoyed the study, although it was hard to find a few of the books as they're out of print.  I like the look of the added book choices and look forward to learning more about the new guide! 

Have you seen The Tutor for Charlotte Mason and Classical Educators?  It's a FREE 9-volume library of lesson plans, art and music, readings, nature study, etc.  The collection is normally $69, but they're running a FREE special until August 15th!

It's been so busy here this week, I haven't been online as much.  The Farmer built me a couple of new book shelves and we're redoing our school room.  Right now, I have an absolute mess!  I wonder if it will ever be cleaned up/finished before we start school?!?!

I'm still planning for the upcoming school year.  I love getting the mail, as the books I've ordered trickle in.  I'll post our final selections here soon. 

Tonight is our CM Book Club meeting.  I always look so forward it.  The camaraderie is great!  There are two other moms in the group looking seriously at Ambleside Online so it's fun to discuss and bounce ideas off each other. 

In the meantime, here's a look at a couple of little cuties on the farm....

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