Friday, September 4, 2015

Friday Findings: 10 Best Things, More on Morning Time, Civil War Website, Tomato Preservation...

I appreciate the time and energy Pam Barnhill put into this post.  I agree with all ten of her "best things".  My two absolutes are 1) reading aloud from birth until they leave your home; and 2) becoming a life-long learner yourself.  Children imitate what they see.  Therefore, we need to make ourselves worthy of imitation.

It must have been a Pam Barnhill week :)  .....I also listened to her Morning Time podcast with Cindy Rollins.   I've been doing "morning time" for years, but didn't realize it had a formal name.  We just called it family study because these are subjects we study together as a family.  Either way, it's a hit and I highly recommend it!

Check out this Civil War Trust website.  If you click on "Battlefields" and "Find a Battle", it allows you to choose any battle during the Civil War and it offers information and accompanying animated maps.  We looked at the Battle of Bull Run.

If you're up to your eyeballs in tomatoes like me, you may find Jill Winger's post on 40+ Ways to Preserve Tomatoes helpful.  I have my own recipe for salsa, but I brewed up some Roasted Tomato Pizza Sauce recommended from her blog and it's wonderful!

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