Saturday, September 12, 2015

Friday Findings: Mind to Mind, The Classical Reader, and Andrew Pudewa on Recitation....

Yes, I know it's Saturday....I wasn't able to get this post up yesterday because I was hosting a book sale and our CM Book Club, but there's a few neat resources I didn't want you to miss so here goes...better late than never, right :)

Karen Glass released a new book this summer titled Mind to Mind: An Essay Towards A Philosophy of Education.  It's being touted as a re-write of Charlotte Mason's Volume 6, A Philosophy of Education.  It was not intended to be a dumbed down edition of Charlotte's work, but an abridgement to bring Charlotte's words into modern light.  Here's a quote from Karen's blog...
I have not abridged the vital material about Miss Mason’s methods and philosophy—the parts that you would most want to read. I have removed the outdated references to books, people, and political situations that are not relevant for us today.
I'm not sure where I stand on this quite yet.  I'd like to look at a copy and compare it.  For now, I'm still plugging away with Charlotte's original Volume 6.

In a former post, I mentioned purchasing The Liberal Arts Tradition by Clark and Jain. As part of the bundle, I also bought The Classical Reader by Leslie Rayner and Dr. Christopher Perrin.  This week, Classical Academic Press unveiled a companion website with the recommended book lists.  You can sort by grade, level, genre, author, or notation.  It's an AWESOME list of living books!!

Earlier this week, I started listening to Pam Barnhill's conversation on recitation with Andrew Pudewa.  The first 20 minutes were fabulous and I can't wait to get back to it!  I had never really thought about the importance of recitation, but I'm now seeing it a new light.

It definitely feels like fall here on Drywood Creek with a high temp yesterday of 57-degrees...YIKES!  As mentioned above, we opened our home for a book sale, but no worries, there's lots of great stuff left and I'll be posting updated book sale lists here over the next couple of weeks.

We wrapped up our second week of the 2015-2016 homeschool year, which didn't go quite as smoothly as the first week.  Ruben wasn't as motivated and struggled to stay on task.  Although, he absolutely loves our history read aloud, Across Five Aprils by Irene Hunt, and begs for more.  I hate to say, but I've had to use it as a pawn for other subjects. 

We also celebrated RileyAnn's birthday this week.  I can't believe our little girl is 12!  She made a super cute butterfly cake...

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