Friday, August 12, 2016

Friday Findings: Liberal Arts and Servile Arts, Grammatical and Rhetorical Terms, Dysgraphia, and More....

This week, I happened across Liberal Arts and Servile Arts from 2009, written by Andrew Kern.  It put me in mind of Charlotte Mason's Principle 12, which is a great reminder as many of us are making preparations for the new school year.

I keep hearing and seeing words like "progymnasmata", "refutation"  and "chreia" in classical education circles, particularly when it comes to writing.  After clicking around online, I found this Glossary of Grammatical and Rhetorical Terms quite helpful.  Also, I now understand how Classical Academic Press came up with their Writing & Rhetoric titles :)

In Trouble with Handwriting? It Could be Dysgraphia Marianne gives a great list to help identify a child struggling with dysgraphia.

Joshua Gibbs hit the nail on the head in The Teacher is the Chief of Sinners!  It'a a bit unsettling really.  How many times have I pointed out the sliver in someone else's eye before seeing the plank in my own?  The last line in summary was humbling in a goose bump sort of way.

Hot, sultry summer days with bare back and skinned knees reading The Snowy Day ;-)

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