Monday, November 7, 2011

A Day of Remembrance

I can't believe it's five years today
since the day you went away.
Went to be with the Lord in heaven
in 2006 on November seven.

So many times I long to call
pick up the phone, no one there at all.
I still have so many questions to ask
everyday things, everyday tasks. 

The girls are blossoming to womanhood now
the boy is no longer a baby somehow. 
They all just keep on growing 
as time just keeps on going. 

I long to see you, sometimes I dream
but you never talk, just an image it seems. 
Dad and my sister miss you too, I know
as time goes on, we long for you so. 

Peace to you dear mother, just rest
we all know it was for the best. 
No more sorrow, no more pain
life everlasting, renewed again.

We'll all be together someday 
this I believe and do pray. 
Until then, dear Father in heaven 
just help us get through this November seven.  

In Loving memory of my mom, Betty Jean, 1947-2006

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