Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Curriculum 2007-2008 and 2008-2009

I've decided to post a 3 part series on what curriculum we've used since we started homeschooling.  You will see that our philosophy has evolved and changed since the beginning.  We've used a variety of curriculum over the last five years including Bob Jones, ABeka, Horizons, Math-U-See, Saxon, Sonlight, Rod & Staff, etc. etc.  We've also added 2 students since we started :)


Angel Grade 6

We pulled Angel out of public school in October of her 6th grade year.  I knew absolutely nothing about homeschooling.  We started at the library, moved to Borders book store, and then networked with some current and former homeschooling moms.  Here's what we ended up doing our first year...

Spectrum World Geography

Making the Grade: Everything Your 6th Grader Needs to Know - I used this as a spine for an introduction to World History and supplemented with many library books; I also used the Science portion of this book along with A Beka Choosing Good Health

A Beka Arithmetic 6

A Beka Language C


Angel Grade 7

American Government - coincided with fall election

Geography - this was another Spectrum workbook

Apologia General Science

A Beka Arithmetic 7

Bob Jones English 

Riley Ann Pre-K  

This dd has an early September birthday and was begging to "do school" at a young age so we used Bob Jones K5 Beginnings program.

ABeka kindergarten math

Horizons kindergarten math - she finished ABeka early and wanted more so we did the first 1/2 of Horizons - I do not recommend this for every kid :)

To be continued....

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