Thursday, August 16, 2012

Apologia Science

We've used several Apologia Science books at the middle school/high school level.  This year Angel will be using Exploring Creation with Chemistry by Dr. Jay Wile.

Chemistry 2nd Edition Textbook Only

I'm also considering Chemistry 101, the DVD series and Micro Chem Lab Kit as supplements.  I must admit, being a business major, I've never had a chemistry class and thus feel slightly intimidated by it. However, I'm confident, given our past experience with the other Apologia science courses, that it will be a good experience.

Also, I must share the Donna Young site....  She has brilliantly pulled together several free resources to accompany the Apologia courses including lesson plans, lab reports, and supplemental websites.

I really appreciate the lesson plans.  We've used them the past two years with Physical Science and Biology.  It's saves me a ton of time trying to create my own.

I've attempted the Apologia Young Explorer series a couple of times unsuccessfully.  We started with Zoology 1: Flying Creatures of the Fifth Day, but I felt kindergarten and 1st grade were a bit too young.  I could see if you were using them with an older student, having the younger ones tag along.  Maybe if  we could have gotten past the classification section, it would have gotten better.  Also, if I were more science minded, maybe I could have gotten the kids to buy into it ;-)  Instead, we opted to use The Burgess Bird Book for Children.  What a treat that was!  You can read more about it here and the follow-up here.

On the other hand, I think the middle school/high school Apologia science courses are great!  Angel enjoys the conversational tone.  I appreciate the fact that they're written to the student and allow an independent study.  This year we're going to give Chemistry a whirl and see how it goes.  Who knows, maybe I'll even learn something ;-)

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