Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Take Your Pediatrician With You

Take Your Pediatrician with You: Keeping Your Child Healthy at Home and on the Road (A Johns Hopkins Press Health Book)

What a handy little book!!  I recently checked out Take Your Pediatrician With You, by Dr. Christopher S. Ryder, from the public library.  It's a very comprehensive guide with simple health information regarding illness and injury common to children.  Dr. Ryder covers topics from Traveling with Children, Common Childhood Illnesses, and Summer Woes, to Accidents, Injuries, and Emergencies, and everything in between.  The final part of the book even guides you through the steps of assembling a medical kit for children that could really be used for the entire family.

Though each chapter is short, 8-12 pages, Dr. Ryder provides a wealth of information for "keeping your child healthy at home and on the road".   I wished I would have checked this book out a few weeks sooner when RileyAnn developed a case of poison ivy on her legs followed by some other rash on her torso.  Thankfully, after my trial and error, she did heal.  However, with the tips in the book, it could have been sooner rather than later.

Another bonus to buying this book is stated on the back cover.  "The author's royalties from the sale of this book will be donated to Chance Children's Home in Johannesburg, South Africa."  Dr. Ryder has traveled extensively practicing medicine in the U.S., England, and South Africa and has an apparent heart for the children of this South African orphanage.

Take Your Pediatrician With You provides common sense suggestions for keeping your child healthy.  Whether you're traveling with children or at home, I recommend this book.

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