Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Back to School 2012-2013 Curriculum

We're starting our school year next Monday, August 27th and I think our curriculum choices are final. ;-)  I had most of my choices made last spring and felt pretty good about Riley and Ruben's plan, but kept second guessing myself with Angel's history and language arts.  She LOVES to read and wanted a literature base history.  We used My Father's World the past two years with success.  The MFW U.S. History to 1877 incorporates the Bob Jones University Press United States History text, which is a great program; however, it's not literature based.  MFW was very tempting to me because it's all laid out with very little teacher prep.  But, after much discussion and prayer, we opted for Beautiful Feet.  BF incorporates great living books and is fairly well laid out for me.  I also bought the Notebooking Pages Treasury membership as Angel will be notebooking her essays, biographies, and other notes as she reads.

Here's what else we've settled on.....

Angel 11th grade
Beautiful Feet Early American and World History and the first part of US and World History (She will finish US and World History in 12th grade)
Notgrass Exploring Government (Never Before in History & Under God - parts of MFW)
Thinking Like a Christian, Assumptions That Affect Our Lives, & Growing Up Christian - Biblical Worldview plan from MFW
Math-U-See Geometry
Apologia Chemistry
Lightning Lit & Comp American Literature Early to Mid 19th Century
Spelling Wisdom by Simply Charlotte Mason for dictation
Short Lessons in Art History and Artistic Pursuits
Computer Literacy (I'm still working on pulling this together.)
The Thinking Toolbox & The Fallacy Detective

RileyAnn 3rd grade
One Year Bible for Kids
Parables From Nature - one chapter per week
Mystery of History Vol. 3 modified and supplemented for younger grades
TruthQuest Renaissance, Reformation & Exploration book lists
Galloping the Globe (continued from last year)
Math-U-See Gamma w/Calculadders
Nature Portfolio Throughout the Year
Burgess Animal Book - one chapter per week
Language Lessons for the Very Young Vol. 2 - Queen Homeschool
Explode the Code 4, 5, 6 (she loves these, so we'll use them for review)
Pictures in Cursive C, D, E - Queen Homeschool
All About Spelling Level 2
Drawn Into the Heart of Reading Level 2/3
Misc. readers (Sonlight Core C Advanced)

Ruben 2nd grade
Math-U-See Alpha
All About Reading
Getty Dubay handwriting
One Year Bible for Kids
Parables From Nature - one chapter per week
Mystery of History Vol. 3 modified and supplemented for younger grades
TruthQuest Renaissance, Reformation & Exploration book lists
Galloping the Globe (continued from last year)
Nature Portfolio Throughout the Year (Ruben's interested in physics so we may choose a different science for him.  I'm currently looking at a physical science curriculum by Exploration Education.)
Burgess Animal Book - one chapter per week

I would also like to incorporate some formal art lessons with RileyAnn and Ruben.  I'm looking at Artistic Pursuits K-3, Book 2, which would coincide with our history study.  We have several books for picture study.  And of course, all three kids will be doing weekly nature study and narration.

Let me know what you think.  I'd love to see your plan.....


  1. Just a suggestion: Mr. Q Physics is very well laid out and appealing to a younger student, and Scott McQuerry who wrote it is very accessible if you have questions. You might want to check it out before making your final decision. I used the TM in my e-reader and only printed the student pages.

    Love your choices! We're using Queen's Language Lessons, and Beautiful Feet, this year too (History of Science) and I have been drooling over the portfolios...I'm thinking I may splurge on the Ancient History Portfolio, but maybe also the Nature one.

    A question: How do you like Galloping the Globe? Is it pretty much open-and-go or would it require a lot of tweaking and planning?

  2. Eddie..thanks so much for the Mr. Q science recommendation. I had not heard of it, but when I checked out the website I found the "Labnotes Archives" and found free lesson plans that look great!...not to mention free :)

    If you decide on the portfolios, check out Rainbow Resource. They had the best price.

    My kids really like Galloping the Globe. If I had it to do over, I would use it differently, probably as a stand alone, as it was meant. There's a ton of stuff there, but we pick and choose and basically use it only for geography. RileyAnn is very much interested in life science so we do study different animals within each country. You can read more about how we use it by clicking the Galloping the Globe label on the right side. I've blogged a couple of times about how we've set it up. It's a unit study, so you can put in as much or as little as you like. Let me know if you have any other questions.


  3. I love your choices! :) A lot of what you use is what we use or will use in the future!!! Nice to meet another CM style homeschool momma!