Monday, May 11, 2015

"Children Should Have Their Artistic Powers Cultivated"...Charlotte Mason

Riley and Ruben took an art class this spring through our local homeschool group.  It was not so much an appreciation class as Charlotte Mason would have suggested, but a chance to experience creating art with a variety of mediums.  

One day a week, we traveled to the city for class.  On the same day, they also participated in homeschool choir, along with over 200 other homeschool students, as well as piano lessons at the local university.  It was our cultural arts day.  

RileyAnn enjoyed the above project so much that she created more of them at home.  Each student was given a three inch square to which they cut out two triangles, then reassembled in the shape of a bird.  Next, starting in the corner of a blank page, they laid the bird at different angles, tracing it as they went along.  Each student was then encouraged to color a bird or all if they chose.  

I love the way Ruben blended pastels below to form soft lines following his silhouette bird.  The kids also worked with a variety of paints and markers.  They tooled on metal foil and created pop art.  

While they were in class, I had the opportunity to visit with other like minded moms.  The kids visited with friends in and between class.  They both LOVED it, as did I!

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