Friday, May 15, 2015

Friday Findings...Boys in Bibs, Ambleside Online on How it All Began...

I think this picture is hilariously cute!!  They look a little like Junior Samples :)

I haven't been online much this week so I'm afraid I don't have much to share.  I will tell you, I'm a book saling fool and I can't wait to release our new list of books in early June!  I have Landmarks, Childhood of Famous Americans, Signature Biographies, etc. 

I also purchased bags and bags of clothes today, while thrift saling, for a total of $48...Levi alone got 56 new articles of clothing!  I cannot justify buying new clothing when you can buy clean name brand second hand clothes for 25 & 50-cents.  I believe it was Carole Joy Seid who said, "Wear the old coat and buy the new book" there's a woman after my own heart :)

One finding I did want to share is this article on Archipelago titled Behind the Scenes.  It was a post written by Wendi Capehart., a member of the Ambleside Online Advisory Board, that shared some of the history of Ambleside Online, which is a totally FREE Charlotte Mason curricula, and how it all started.  I found it interesting...but then again, I love learning about the history of things!

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