Saturday, May 9, 2015

God's Design for Heaven and Earth...

We finished God's Design for Heaven and Earth by Answers in Genesis this week.  I had older editions of Our Planet Earth and Our Universe.  Then a friend borrowed us the new edition of Our Weather & Water.  I found pros and cons with each.  I love that the older edition is all inclusive.  The student reading, questions, activities, experiments, as well as teacher notes and answers are all in the same book in the original design.  This is a huge cost savings and in my opinion, it's more user friendly to have all the teaching material in one place.   On the other hand, the kids and I appreciated the color photos and updated space information in the new editions. 

Whether using old or new editions, I found the information in Seymour Simon's books made a great supplement.  Unfortunately, there is mild evolutionary content that you may want to skip over or be prepared to discuss with your kiddos.  Master Books also publishes a beautiful Wonders of Creation Science set with complementary topics to the God's Design series.  Although, I think they are geared more for middle and high school ages.  I pulled supplemental information from each book because reading them all cover to cover would be way overkill. 

Overall, Answers in Genesis provided a good study.  I personally preferred reading this series to the Apologia Young Explorer series, as did Ruben.  I found them to the point and easy to understand.  However, when going around the second time with Levi, I think I'll just read books like Seymour Simom's rather than scheduling a curriculum.  The longer I do this homeschooling thing, the more I'm convinced you don't need a formal curriculum for elementary science. 

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