Friday, July 24, 2015

Friday Findings: Algebra Based Physics, Grimm Tales, Distractable Minds, and The Poetry of Education....

Julie Brennan, owner/moderator of the Living Math website, recently shared Flipping Physics. This website offers Algebra Based Physics Lecture Videos that are entertaining as well as educational.

I LOVED this post by Hugh McGuire, titled Why Can't We Read Anymore?!  I laughed out loud, but realistically should have been crying since I'm addicted to checking e-mail in the middle of everything :(   This is part of the reason I don't own a cell phone and never have.  I know it would be just another magnetic field to suck me in.  I have a desktop only...which gives me added exercise by the way, since it's located in an addition on the back of our garage, not in the main living quarters :))

Kari Jenson was a woman after my own heart when she wrote the post titled Grimm Tales regarding the sorry state of children's modern literature or Disney renditions vs. the original.

Brandy Vencel also wrote a great post this week at Afterthoughts regarding ...the Poetry of Education.   It's one I wish to ponder and revisit. 

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