Friday, July 10, 2015

Friday Findings: David Hicks on Norms & Nobility; Cindy Rollins on The Mason Jar, Teaching a Person to Think, & Coming Late to Ambleside...

Earlier this week, I listened to two podcast interviews with David Hicks, one with Andrew Kern at CIRCE and the other with Matt who was filling in for Leigh Bortons at 1 Smart Mama.  I've been salivating over his book, Norms & Nobility for some time.  Unfortunately, it's grossly overpriced....even he says mouth will run dry before I'm able to buy it.

It must have been a podcast week, because I also listened to Cindy Rollins reveal the launch of The Mason Jar.  This new monthly podcast series will feature guests exploring "the ideas, works, and influence of Charlotte Mason".

How Do You Teach a Person to Think?...this is a no nonsense response by Laurie Bluedorn to a commonly asked question.  I threaten to throw our TV on the rock pile on a regular basis : p

I've been dabbling in Ambleside Online for the past couple of years, adding parts and pieces to our schedule.  I'll be looking more seriously at it over the next year, as I contemplate whether or not to go whole hog with RileyAnn in middle school.  In the meantime, I really appreciate Carol's posts on how she modifies Ambleside to work for her family.  Today, she blogged a great post with links regarding Coming Late to Ambleside Online - some thoughts on the high school years.  Though this is not our particular situation, I know this question is on the mind of many families. 

This week on Drywood Creek...give toddlers chalk and a masterpiece will be formed....

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