Friday, July 17, 2015

Friday Findings: Stay Awake While Reading Aloud, Meal Planning on a Budget, Moms are Born Persons too,

I'm frequently asked how to stay awake while reading aloud.  After all, homeschool moms are often times exhausted.  Marie Rippel's post gives some great suggestions.

Need meal planning ideas on a budget?...check out I am THAT Lady.  Lauren has wonderful ideas for couponing and meal planning.  I especially appreciate her ALDI shopping lists and meal plans, since this is one of my favorite stores!

Moms Are Born Persons says Cindy Rollins in her follow-up post to The Mason Jar podcast.   This post is a good reminder to take time to refuel.  If we are going to put out, we need to put in.  Moms need pabulum for the mind as well ;-)

This week, the Farmer and I both celebrated birthdays.  We've had torrential rains, which made it difficult to finish our first crop of hay.  On the other hand, once we did finish, we were able to float down Drywood Creek and enjoy some summer fun....

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