Friday, January 8, 2016

Friday Findings: Importance of Living Books, Including Hard Books, Science for High School...

Friday Findings is back!  I took a couple unannounced weeks off over the holidays, but we're back on and running today...

In Draw Your Own Conclusions, Dr. Donna Johnson makes a valid point about living books and living ideas. Sometimes just letting the child mull over it for their own sake is better than required discussion where we can persuade....ummm, something to ponder.

I love Why Your Children Should Include Hard Books by Brandy Vencel!  She spoke my thoughts.  Struggle is not always bad.  It builds character :)

Following the Path of Discovery looks like a really cool website for older students!  It offers hands on science activities for high school students as well as instruction to recreate famous experiments and inventions.

I don't normally come to you asking for money, however, just before Christmas a local homeschooling friend/family found out her husband has (ALL) Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia.  He is the father of four, who recently started a new job so the family was in transition.  A Continue to Give site has been set up for the family.  If you feel led to donate or share, you will find their information here. Thanks!

The kids posing as a wiseman, Mary, and toddler Jesus waiting for their debut in the church Christmas play...

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