Friday, January 29, 2016

Friday Findings: Weekly Wrap-Up; Plethora of Podcasts; One Year of Start Here...

Our school week went along fairly smoothly this week.  We finished up our Winslow Homer artist/picture study after reading through A Weekend with Winslow Homer and studying some of his artwork.

Recently, RileyAnn asked if she could go back to "regular math".  She said, she was getting a bit tired of the story in Life of Fred.  Earlier this year, she completed Simply Charlotte Mason's Your Business Math, running a pet store.  She also read through Fractals, Googols, and other Mathematical Tales by Theonni Pappas and is just about finished with Mathematicians Are People Too by Dale Seymour Publications.  I was shocked when she asked, but thrilled to see a new level of maturity.  She has since picked up her old Math-U-See Gamma book where she left off approx. 5 lessons before completion.  We've been refreshing on multiple digit multiplication and long division.

Apparently, I've been on a podcast/webinar frenzy as I've listened to several this week, including:

Reading to Kids with Special Needs - Sarah Mackenzie and Cheryl Swope at Read Aloud Revival

Let's Talk Planning - Mystie Winckler, Jen McIntosh, and Dawn Hanigan at Simplified Organization

The Mason Jar #7: Katie Hudgins - Cindy Rollins and Katie Hudgins at CiRCE Institute

A series of podcasts, including #11-#17, at A Delectable Education

The Four Language Arts - Andrew Pudewa at IEW

I'm looking forward to Adam Andrews follow-up on Christian Books and Christian Reading.  For now, I'm pondering the first part.

I can't believe it's already been one year since we started reading A Philosophy of Education by Charlotte Mason and using Brandy Vencel's Start Here to study Charlotte's 20 Principles!  You will find monthly posts regarding our study up until now here.

I've decided to dig into the archives and do a bit of photo flashback this week.  Last year at this time, RileyAnn talked Levi into dressing up in bathrobe attire with her dolls.  After all, what are little brothers for :)

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