Friday, February 12, 2016

Friday Findings: Mason Jar, Narration, Schole Sisters, Finding a Mentor....

Our second term is winding down with only one week to go.  We'll be finishing up several books and beginning a few new, to which I'll be posting about in the next couple of weeks.

Yesterday, the kids and I listened to a WWII veteran speak about his experiences in and around his three year tour in Okinawa and China.  It was fascinating to hear his experiences and to feel his patriotism.  I love these non-traditional teachable moments that homeschooling afford us.  I think it's days like that which make all the reading we do come alive.  Afterward, we went to friend's house, where the kids went sledding, romped, ran, and played.  It was a great day of knowledge, socialization, friendship, and camaraderie.

Oh my, I loved The Mason Jar #3 with Dr. Jack Beckman!  I had no idea there were colleges using Charlotte Mason's methods.  There are many gold nuggets in this podcast.  It's one I will go back and listen to again for reference.

Wanna learn more about narration or brush up on what you know about narration?   Check out Your Morning Basket #10, where Pam Barnhill interviews Sonya Shafer of Simply Charlotte Mason All About Narration.

I also listened to Schole Sisters Podcast #1, Preventing Burnout Through Levity.  It was fabulous! I'm looking forward to #2.

I'm in full planning mode for the upcoming school year.  I'm meeting a couple friends/veteran homeschooling moms today to discuss homeschooling through middle school, high school, Charlotte Mason education, and Classical Education.  I'm so excited to refresh old ideas and bounce around new ones.  Even after eight years and two graduates, I still look to mentors and other like minded moms for support and encouragement.

Lastly, I gotta tell you, one day the house was silent and I wondered where everyone was and what they were up to.  Upon my search, I came across the sight below.  What a joy to see my kiddos laid out with books!

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