Friday, February 5, 2016

Friday Findings: Snow Fractals, Homeschooling Independently, and Misc. Matters...

This week went off pretty much without a hitch.  We finished a couple of books and started a couple new books.  The kids are progressing and we're nearly finished with our second term!

Tonight is our CM Book Study, where we will take a look at Principles 16b and 18, which entail the way of the reason.  It looks like a continuation of last month's Self-Governance, An Ordering of the Will.  We will also be discussing history rotations and beginning planning for the upcoming school year.

We had a "blizzard" here mid-week, with about 5-6 inches of snow.  I don't think the storm was as bad as predicted, although we did have blowing and drifting snow.

Speaking of snow, have you seen Simon Beck's snow art? These Stunning Fractals Are Made of Snow.  This would be a very fun way to get the kids doing math :)

Yes, Yes, Yes...I love this article and what this veteran homeschooling mom wrote about actually educating at home.  Read, Read, Read... Homeschooling Without Co-ops, Online Classes or Tutors…Does It Work?!!  is a testament to homeschooling without the extras.

And alas, more podcasts and videos watched...

SCM Answers Your Questions on Plutarch

What Belongs On Your To Do List? by Mystie Winckler

How about a tour of Wes Calihan's personal library and Doug Wilson's office?  I love to see what treasures other libraries hold!

Lastly, Heidi at Mt. Hope Chronicles posted an interesting essay/activity On Rhetoric - Socratic Dialogue 1.  I took the challenge and it was fun!

When it's snowing outside, who says you can't camp?  Our boys created a canopy of sorts in their room....

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