Friday, February 26, 2016

Friday Findings: Perfect ACT, Choosing Curricula, Old Books, Reading Opposing Ideas....

Another week has come and gone here on Drywood Creek.  As our first week starting Term 3, it went pretty smoothly.  The weather has been crazy mild, which gives us all spring fever.  The snow is melting. I even hung clothes on the line three different days!...30 and 40 degrees in Februrary feels like a heat wave in WI :)

The following are some posts I read around the web this week...

The fact that a Homeschooled Student Gets Perfect ACT Score is no surprise to me.  It's what she plans to do with it that's quite amazing!  No spoiler here :)

Have you seen this blog post by Nancy Kelly?  As your curriculum shopping, this quote from Charlotte Mason is a great tidbit to tuck in our minds.

In The Modern Place for Older Books, Wendi Capehart shares some thoughts on AO's book choices.  One based on Charlotte's preference of students reading literature published in the historical time period they were studying, which I thought was a fascinating idea.

Encountering Opposing Ideas: A Catholic Reads Westward Ho! gives an interesting perspective on reading books not necessarily in line with our beliefs.  Kathy Wickward does an excellent job of articulating constructive thought.

I leave you with a little boy dressing himself in camo...

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