Friday, March 4, 2016

Friday Findings: Plutarch's Lives, Dyslexia, Nature Study, and More...

Oh, it's Friday again!  The weeks seem to be flying by.  Tonight is our CM Book Study.  We're studying Principle 19 and I look forward to gathering.  I don't quite have the reading done, so I will be working through it today.  We are reading excerpts from Ourselves, which will be a change of pace from A Philosophy of Education since Charlotte wrote each of these books for entirely different purposes.

The kids have been plugging away with their studies.  We finished Trial and Triumph by Richard Hannula this week.  We also finished reading Aemilus Paulus last week, our second Plutarch's Lives. As previously mentioned, we used Anne White's AO study guide.

Speaking of Anne White and Plutarch, I highly recommend listening to Pam Barnhill's podcast, A Conversation with Anne White.  Anne gives a 101 on how to implement the study of Plutarch's Lives into your homeschool regimen.

Regarding dyslexia, How widespread is dyslexia? gives a great visual of this learning difference.

Brandy wrote a fabulous post this week titled, Are Narration and Discussion Interchangeable?  It's something I've thought about in the past.  I highly recommend reading the comments section after the post.  There is a lot of meat there.

With spring just around the corner, posts of nature study are in the air.  This week, Celeste at Joyous Lessons wrote Nature Study Outing: First Wildflowers and Early-Leafers and Cindy West at Our Westward Journey wrote Nature Study IS Science.  Both posts bring something different to the table.  I find Celeste's organic approach refreshing.  However, if you're new to nature study or just can't seem to get started, Cindy offers a guide to get you out the door.

Lastly, I really appreciated Mystie Winckler's Hits & Misses in Our Homeschool This Year post.  I love it when bloggers do follow-up posts to let us know how it's going or how it went.  I especially liked Mystie's post because it referenced resources and ideas I've been pondering for fall.  It gave me more food for thought.

Even though it's been a bit cooler this week, the snow continues to melt.  We are looking forward to unseasonably warm temps in the 50's again this weekend...which means more clothes on the line :)

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