Wednesday, March 16, 2016


I didn't know much about Sterling North, nor his book Rascal when we began reading as part of our Beautiful Feet Modern American and World History study.  But, once we started, I was delighted to learn the story took place in our native Wisconsin and was based on a true story.

Rascal is a coming of age story about Sterling North in his boyhood.  Sterling's mother is deceased and his father travels a great deal, leaving Sterling to fend for himself.  One day, Sterling and his friend Oscar find an orphaned baby raccoon and decide to take it to Oscar's house, where his mother nurses it with a wheat straw.  Oscar's parents don't allow him to keep the raccoon so Sterling ends up taking it home.  He names him Rascal.

The story covers a one year period and is primarily concerned with Sterling's adventures with and love for Rascal.  As Rascal grows he becomes more of a nuisance and Sterling has to decide whether or not to keep him.  There's so much more to the story, but I don't want to give it away for those who've not yet read it.  I will suffice to say, that it's a wonderful book for boys, as well as your nature and animal lovers.  Though some history is involved since the story takes place at the end of WWI, I thought there was just as much or more science involved.

After reading the book, we did watch the 1969 Disney DVD.  Unfortunately, the book and movie are totally different.  Of course, the book was better and I would highly recommend reading it before watching the movie.  On the other hand, the film is great for family movie night.  It really was enjoyable for young and old.

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