Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Miracles on Maple Hill....

We read Miracles on Maple Hill by Virginia Sorensen for the February 5th/6th Grade Socractic Book Club discussion.  It was a much easier read than some of our other choices, but a delightful story just the same.

When her father returns from the war, a POW suffering from what appears to be PTSD, Marly's family retreats to Maple Hill.  Her grandmother's old house in the country and her mother's childhood haven, look to be the perfect place for father's recovery.  Upon arrival, they are met by Mr. Chris, an old neighboring farmer who believes the first miracle of the year is sap rising and maple syrup making.  Over the course of the year as the seasons change, miracles do happen on Maple Hill.

This delightful coming of age story will warm your heart.  It's set in rural Pennsylvania, post WWII.  The flora and fauna of Maple Hill aid in father's recovery.  Miracles on Maple Hill is a reminder of hope and the importance of family and friends in times of adversity.  The making of maple syrup is also a perfect fit for a great spring read!

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  1. We are really enjoying this and I'm taking the children to a maple syrup place too later this month...can't wait. :)