Thursday, October 27, 2016

Beautiful Feet Ancient History Review, Week Eight....

Riley is just finishing up week eight of her Beautiful Feet Intermediate Ancient History study and is loving it. So far, she has been reading from the Book of Genesis, Streams of Civilization, Tales of Ancient Egypt, The Pharaohs of Ancient Egypt, and Pyramid.  She's enjoying the books, as well as the activities.

Riley's completing two lessons per week.  The lessons are a bit long so we've split each lesson into two days, giving her a total of four days per week for history.  I am including photos of Riley's notebooking pages below in order to give you an idea of the types of assignments included in the guide.  Aside from reading, there are bible verses to copy, essay questions, map work, illustrations to draw, and topics to research.

Riley also loves notebooking.  As you can see, she's completing her assignments on pre-printed notebooking pages.  At the beginning of the year, I created file folders of misc. notebook pages, some are specific to ancient history and others are generic.  As the assignments present themselves, she chooses a notebook pages and completes it.

Riley is completing history this year independently.  While Ruben is studying the same time period with me, she is working on her own.   However, Riley does present oral narrations to me of the books she's reading and I do periodically read her notebook pages.  I actually miss Beautiful Feet this year and am thinking about giving it a go with Ruben next year.

Upon completing a notebooking page, Riley collects them in a folder.  We intend to bind them at the end of the year for a keepsake notebook.  I will use my ProClick Binder to do this.  My kids love looking back at their notebooking pages from years gone by.  They've become treasured keepsakes.


  1. Melissa,
    While we are working through BF Modern I have found myself contemplating the fall ('s January but being under snow, half way through the school year, etc leaves time for thinking and researching). I've been on the fence about BF Ancients. At one point in time we were HOD people but moved away in order for Momma to make plans herself and to use BF. BF is our happy place for sure. This is our second year using it. I attempted just TQ but found I needed a little structure to keep us moving forward and BF is just what we need. I'm hopeful that we'll hear more reviews from you about BF Ancients and also HOD Ancients. HOD was the one that I thought I may go back to just for Ancients because I appreciate the way the author has weaved Bible history into the study of world history. But ultimately I know nothing gives us the feel BF does.

  2. Hey Tami,

    My daughter and I were just talking about another BF Ancient History update since we are about mid-year. We'll try to work on that over the next couple of weeks. In short, I can say that she is really enjoying BF Ancients with a few Ambleside Online book supplements.

    I am also using HOD Creation to Christ with our 6th grade son and to be honest, it's growing old. As a matter of fact, we've scrapped a few of the books and are subbing others in for our study of Greece. I'll be posting a mid-year review of this as well.

    Thanks for your patience,