Saturday, October 22, 2016

Weekly Reflections - Week Seven...

At Home

"Boys with Toys"...Ruben started working off the farm this summer and continues his employment one morning a week.  Homeschooling allows him the flexibility to do this.  In the interim, he'd been saving his summer employment money and dreaming about upgrading his 3-wheeler.  His hard work and perseverance has finally paid off.  He recently sold his 3-wheeler and combined the cash, allowing him to make his upgraded dream purchase, a 4-wheeler.

This process has provided a fabulous education in many respects.  Ruben has developed a hobby and interest in ATVs.  He has learned the value of hard work, as well as the value of a dollar.  He worked through the process of beginning at the bottom and building up. In the mix of selling and purchasing, Ruben dabbled in advertising, practiced patience and negotiation skills.  He also learned to budget and balance his money throughout.  

I share this to demonstrate the fact that homeschooling can bring out a variety of educational opportunities aside from strictly pencil/paper learning.  Even when you're struggling with academics, there are still life lessons to be learned.  As a matter of fact, some of the best learning happens in the day to day in this thing called life.

Around the Web

What would classical preschool look like? by Mystie Winckler is a fabulous post regarding early childhood education!  She writes...
What is education?

Quintilian is clear: he is speaking of a literary education, an education full of good books, good words, and good ideas.

- AND-

The “poll-parrot stage” is not a time to cram facts and chants, but to build habits and dispositions that will help him advance more surely and steadily when he does take to his books.
Oh my...this is good stuff!! I'm looking forward to purchasing my own copy of The Great Tradition by Richard Gamble soon.  See why here

Brandy Vencel also convicted me this week.  Everything New is Old Again fell right in line with our Consider This CM Book Study.  I love it when the stars align and everything you read comes together, intertwining like food coloring in water.  Once it's mixed, there's no return.

On this Blog

It was five years ago yesterday, October 21, that I began this blog with a simple introductory post. A lot has changed since that time including the flying of the oldest two from the nest and the hatching of the youngest.  I initially planned a big ta-da for the five year anniversary, but other obligations since have taken priority.  At this point, I will suffice to say that Reflections from Drywood Creek will most likely be getting a new look very soon and possibly even a new location.  It is my aim to make the content here more accessible and user friendly.  Please bear with me in the process and stay tuned for more information.  In the mean time, thank you faithful readers.  I am humbly in awe that you care enough to log on.  May the good Lord allow us to continue the next five years and beyond...


  1. Anytime I cause stars to align with Karen Glass, I feel like I did something great. (Nevermind that it was accidental!) ;)

  2. Replies
    1. By the way, what part of the book is your group on? Isn't it amazing? :)

    2. I wrote a post earlier in the week regarding the Intro and Chapter One.

      Our group then met Friday evening and discussed Chapters Two and Three. I'm working on a follow-up post for that reading. We will meet next a couple of weeks into November to discuss Chapters Four and Five, but I have not started that reading yet. I wish you were closer and could join us :)

  3. Another good thing about ATVs is that they will help kids get into mechanics/small engine repair...because they constantly break down, lol! My 7 year old loves his 3 wheeler. I showed him this post to inspire him to start saving up for his own upgrade one day. He has started to complain that the 3 wheeler doesn't have enough power...oy.

    1. You are absolutely right Ivy Mae! Our son has learned a great deal about small engines throughout this you may have noticed from the top photo where he is performing minor repairs ;-)

      Thanks for reading and sharing the post for inspiration.

  4. Your first picture is adorable! It looks like a Norman Rockwell painting!