Tuesday, October 11, 2016

The Golden Bull...

Last week we finished reading The Golden Bull, A Mesopotamian Adventure by Marjorie Cowley.  I've found it extremely difficult to find a worthy book set in ancient times that is appropriate for children so I was intrigued with Heart of Dakota's Creation to Christ Mesopotamian pick. Upon finishing, I was not disappointed.  It was a great read!  Not only was the book appropriate, but it was clear that the author did her homework, making it appear authentic.

The Golden Bull is a story of parental love and sacrifice, of sibling rivalry overcome, and history in a culture over 5000 years ago.  When a severe drought ravages the land, a father sends his children to an ancient city to survive.  The children, Jomar and Zefa, quickly learn of the dangers that await them.  Not only is there historical value in this story, but character lessons for modern day.   The Golden Bull is a touching story of survival.

Cowley's action adventure is written at a relatively low reading level, yet packed with a multifaceted story that even held my adult attention.  Ruben was interested right from the beginning.  I was not only pleased with Cowley's story, but the logistic layout of the book.  The thirty-three chapters are short, making the story move quickly.  There was ample white space in the margins and a larger font, making it easily readable.  Due to the layout, when we read The Golden Bull at bedtime at the end of a long day, it did not tire my eyes.

Overall, I recommend The Golden Bull when studying ancient history with elementary students.  It is a book that we will keep on our shelf for future readers.

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