Monday, March 17, 2014

Amos Fortune, Free Man....

If the world could be like Amos Fortune, it would surely be a better place!  Elizabeth Yates' 1951 Newbery Medal winner, Amos Fortune, Free Man tells an amazing true story of a fifteen year old African Prince captured by slave traders and taken to Massachusetts Colony.  Although, Amos worked as a slave for forty-five years, he never gave up his dignity or hope.  His first owners were a Christian family that taught Amos to read the Bible.  Here he gained an unwavering faith and held an air of self-governance that carried him throughout his life into freedom and death.  Once free, he went on to help others gain their freedom.  He established himself as the best in his trade and became a respected business man.  Amos Fortune, Free Man tells of a man who persevered.  You will be inspired!

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