Saturday, March 15, 2014

Riley's Reviews - The Courage of Sarah Noble....

The Courage of Sarah Noble takes place in 1707.  It's about a young girl who is traveling with her father through the wilderness of the New World.  They are going to build a homestead on the land her father bought in Connecticut.  Before she leaves, Sarah's mother tells her to "Keep up your courage Sarah Noble".  But, Sarah has a hard time being brave on this new frontier.  The dark woods are filled with Indians and Sarah is afraid of them despite her father telling her they are friendly.  Along the way, Sarah learns that being brave even when you're afraid is really being courageous.  The Courage of Sarah Noble is a true story.

I read this book with my book club.  After discussion, we illustrated scenes from the story on butcher paper.  It was fun.  I recommend this book when you study American History or anytime you're looking for a good read! 

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