Saturday, March 29, 2014

Struggle for a Continent....

While studying The French and Indian Wars, I read aloud Struggle for a Continent by Betsy and Guilio Maestro. The French and Indian Wars took place from 1689-1763.  We learned that the wars were not in fact between the French and the Indians, but between the English and the French, who allied with the Indians and the Spanish.

I love Guilio Maestro's illustrations!  They are in depth, rich, and realistic.  Struggle for a Continent is one book in "The American Story Series" by the Maestros.  We have several others in the series, but have not read them yet.  However, based on our reading of Struggle for a Continent, I recommend the Maestro series.

Since the book covers four wars over a seventy year period, I spread the reading over several days.  After finishing the book, the kids each completed a notebooking page regarding The French and Indian Wars.  Ruben was still working on his when I took the photo.  He went on to write, "The French people joined forces with the Indians to fight the English for land in the New World.  The English won."

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