Saturday, March 8, 2014

Riley's Reviews - William Penn Friendly Boy....

William Penn is the story of a young boy, who later in life becomes a Quaker and founds Pennsylvania in the New World.  His father was an Admiral in the English Navy and he won a great battle against the Dutch.  The Admiral was hailed a hero and there were banquets in his honor.  But when he went back to sea after the celebration, he lost a battle and was put in prison.  It reminded me that pride goeth before a fall.

When William was growing up, a Quaker came to speak at his house.  When William got older, he met this man again and became a Quaker.  He gave up his finery to become a Friend of the Society.

After a while, the Quakers were persecuted  for their religious beliefs and they wanted to flee England.  The King owed William money.  It was decided to repay the debt, he would grant William a piece of land in the New World for the Quakers to have a safe haven.  Against William's wishes, the King insisted the land be called "Penn's Wood".  It later become know as Pennsylvania.

William believed all people were created equal.  He formed a peace treaty with the Indians in Pennsylvania and he founded Philadelphia.  It was called the "City of Brotherly Love" due to the Quakers love for all.

I recommend William Penn Friendly Boy by Miriam E. Mason.  It's one of the Childhood of Famous Americans books, which is an excellent series for young readers to study history. 

After studying William Penn, Ruben and I made wampum belts for our notebook.

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