Monday, October 6, 2014

A Charlotte Mason Morning of Study...

Our Charlotte Mason Study Group met Saturday morning to participate in SCM Learning and Living DVD's 7 & 8.  We studied Natural History (Science); Arithmetic w/Drill; World History; Music/Singing; Repetition (Scripture Memory); Writing (Copywork); and Spanish.  It was a great experience in which to participate. 

Some comments from participants were, "We have really been dumbed down!"..."I feel inadequate teaching this."..."I feel ripped off that I didn't have this type of education."  It was quite interesting.  Overall, I believe everyone enjoyed it and found it very beneficial.   

I feel the most difficult part of a Charlotte Mason education for me as a participant was narration.  Because of distractions, I often have to read and re read passages several times to get the gist of it, especially with classic or older literature and in a room full of people...apparently, I have a poor "habit of attention".    I find that because I'm accustomed to reading so much aloud to the children, I have better comprehension reading aloud.  This is awkward and not practical in a room full of people.  I can definitely see starting with small passages with beginning narrators and working up.

I'm looking forward to meeting again this Friday to reflect on our learning experience!    

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