Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Reflections on a Charlotte Mason Education...

At our last CM Study Group meeting we reflected on our Saturday morning of CM style studies.  After being led by Sonya Shafer of Simply Charlotte Mason through Natural History, Arithmetic, World History, Singing, Repetition, Writing, and Spanish, my two words for describing a CM education are "useful" and "challenging".

It occurred to me that Charlotte taught in a manner that showed each subject's usefulness in life.  For example, Natural History was studied to build a love of God's creation and our natural surroundings, as well as learning about plants, animals, birds, weather, seasons, etc.  I believe along with the study of Natural History, comes the habit of appreciation, attentiveness, creativity, and a desire to know...why are male birds more brightly colored than female?...why do leaves change color in fall?....etc.  Also, in Arithmetic we used multiplication and division to figure answers to problems relevant to our lives.  We memorized scripture for Repetition, which is certainly useful.  We copied a meaningful quote for penmanship, not just a row of a's, b's, c's, etc.  Each subject seemed to have a deeper meaning than just checking a box to get it done.  I was actually left with thoughts to ponder from the day's studies.

A CM education is also challenging.  I don't mean this in a frustrating sort of way, but in a fun sort of way.  I was challenged almost as if I were playing a game or working on a puzzle that I couldn't wait to solve or watch come to fruition.  It was a fun and meaningful challenge that left me with a positive anticipation for more.  It also left me wanting to share my excitement, such as a child with a new found treasure.

The more I learn about a Charlotte Mason education, the more I know it's right for our family.  In fact, I want to go back and relearn using Charlotte's methods...ha!  I'm so excited for this opportunity to teach and learn beside our children!

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