Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Changes to American Girl...for Better or Worse?

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Have you heard about the new changes to American Girl?  They've changed the historical doll outfits and created the Beforever line.   RileyAnn is quite upset.  In fact so much so, that she wrote a letter to the president of the company...

Dear American Girl,

In all due respect, I would like to tell you what I think of your new "Beforever" products.  I think that they are cheap, unauthentic, and above all I do not think that they are the highest quality that you can make.  For a long time, I believed that you put your best effort in the making of your products, but now with the launch of "Beforever", I think that you have "dumbed down" American Girl.  I think that your new "Beforever" girl outfits are very unmodest.  I also think that your new mini dolls look terrible and very cheap.  I am very sorry if I have been too negative about "Beforever".  I just thought that you would like to know my opinion.  


I don't normally blog about these sorts of cultural, current event issues.  However, I must confess, in looking through the catalog with Riley, I also was disappointed.  The historical character outfits have been changed.  They appear to reflect modern times with extremely short dresses and skirts and tank top built in shirts for the matching girl outfits.  I wonder if Pleasant Rowland, original founder of American Girl Co.,  would approve of these changes?!  I found her reasoning for creating American Girl quite interesting.  It's my belief that she created the dolls, not only to get girls interested in history, but also to fill a need for life like dolls for girls ages 8-12.

As a mom of a tween, I always appreciated the modest innocence of American Girl.  In addition, Riley learned so much about American History at a very young age from simply reading the books.  She knew most of the major time periods and could associate many happenings.  She actually taught me, ha!

I'm sure the change was a marketing ploy, but I wonder if they upset the integrity of American Girl by making the change?  I'd love to hear your thoughts....

UPDATE...RileyAnn received a lovely letter back from AG.  She realizes her opinion is that of a perch in the ocean.  However, she still felt the need to express her thoughts.  

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