Saturday, October 18, 2014

Our New Project...

Introducing.....Molasses, our new Jersey calf.  You may remember that the Farmer wanted to sell the sheep so he could use the pasture for a new project....raising calves.   We came upon this little Jersey bull and I just couldn't resist!

We've had Molasses for a couple of weeks and boy is he finicky!  We are learning you can't feed Jersey calves just any old milk replacer.  We had to purchase specially formulated milk replacer for Jerseys.  Unfortunately, he's currently recovering from scours as it's difficult to figure the proper ration.  A couple years ago, I told you about Clarabelle, Riley's Jersey heifer calf that died.  We are just hoping and praying Molasses fares better.

The kids LOVE Molasses, especially Levi....

Do you have experience raising Jersey calves?  I'd love to hear about it!  Feel free to leave a comment below.


  1. First, I missed the post on selling the sheep. How sad! But at least they were able to stay together as one flock. Although I don't know of a better remedy for an empty pasture than a Jersey! We raised two steers a few years back and loved them. So gentle! And those big brown eyes just put a spell on you! I didn't have any problems with milk replacer though, just used the general all-purpose stuff and they liked it fine. Here's a link to when we first brought them home... Can't wait for more updates!

  2. Unfortunately, when RileyAnn went out to feed Molasses yesterday morning, he was dead :( We sure don't have any luck with raising Jerseys. Our hearts are heavy here on Drywood Creek.