Friday, June 5, 2015

Friday Findings...High School Science, Classical Math Education, Non-Disney Fairy Tales...

Oh my, I so appreciated this reassurance from Deanna Caswell at Little Schoolhouse in the Suburbs regarding high school science.  It's more about exposure than the level of difficulty or order of study.  I also recently read on a Yahoo Group from a chemistry major that math is more important than science since most science majors have to retake the science courses in college anyway.  However, you will have trouble if you don't have the math background to do it.   It's food for thought!

This week I watched this discussion at Expanding Wisdom, between Jennifer Dow and Daniel Maycock.  I'm in the process of a paradigm shift in the way I view math education.  This interview definitely gave me more thoughts to ponder.

10 Reasons Why Kids Need to Read Non-Disney Fairy Tales.....just the title alone intrigued me.  I am not a huge Disney fan...GASP...please don't cast stones.  It's just that I am a huge advocate for reading original works.  I abhor dumbed down versions and I've never been into cartoons.    Melissa Taylor's article at Read Brightly makes many good points.  On the other hand, my kids don't care for fairy tales...I know, another gasp ;-)  I remember trying to read The Blue Fairy Book to RileyAnn when she was younger and it terrorized her.  She is a sensitive child and it was too much...maybe now that she's older it would be OK.

Speaking of RileyAnn, the photo below was taken at a homeschool conference in MN, where we set up our wares.  I just love sharing good books with others!   Stay tuned next week for our newly updated book sale list...


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