Friday, June 26, 2015

Friday Findings....Math Card Game, Insignificance of our Thoughts, CM Worked!, & BF Blogging...

I love this post about The Game That Is Worth 1000 Worksheets!  Denise has an awesome site with many living math ideas.  It's crazy to think something so simple and fun could teach math facts!

I've been studying the Socratic method this summer in preparation for a book club this fall.  I'm shaken by this idea of not asking the student's opinion of the work read.  Rather, true thinking comes from taking ourselves out of the equation and discerning the author's perspective.  I'm pondering Joshua Gibbs' point in What Does Goodness Think of You?

I really appreciate mom's like Barb McCoy who've gone before me and share their triumphs and struggles.  Five Charlotte Mason High School Ideas That Worked is encouraging for anyone wondering about CM at the high school level.

I'm excited to be a part of the Beautiful Feet Blogging family and will be posting updates throughout the school year regarding our use of Modern American and World History.   This week, our introductory post went live. 

Summer swinging and new kittens...

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