Friday, November 20, 2015

Friday Findings: Attitude and Organization, Explaining the CM Method, Free Gift for Reading, Stories of Gratitude....

I listened to this podcast last weekend, Cultivating the Lovely Podcast 002: Attitude and Organization with Mystie Winckler   Pam and Mystie brought up many good points.

Sonya Shafer posted a great and timely article on Explaining the Charlotte Mason Method to Your Relatives.   It looks like she'll be following up with another post on how to handle the naysayers.  You know these conversations often come up at the holidays.

A friend sent me this link on how Kids can earn free T-shirts and certificates from MENSA for reading.  The book lists actually look good with many classics and living books.  They would make an excellent reference for free reading or library lists.

Have you met Nick Vujicic at Attitude is Altitude?  He was born with no limbs and suffered from depression early on until giving his life to God.  His story is remarkable!  I found him at this Stories of Gratitude website.

Speaking of gratitude, look at this kissable face....

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