Monday, November 23, 2015

'The Story' Bible Study...

Have you seen the Journal and Doodle Bible Studies created by Kari Denker at Stone Soup for Five?  They look amazing!!  I was first introduced to Kari's site and doodle drawings, I believe, through a post by Mystie Winckler at Simplified Organization.  Then I watched their Bullet Journal Workshop and really wanted to try it.  I've been doing a bit of research and am considering a bullet journal for the new year.

In my research, I watched several videos at Kari's YouTube Channel.  I was especially inspired by the Journal and Doodle Through the Bible Q&A.  I am so intrigued by the bible doodles and wanted to start now.  So when I recently began a new bible study with a wonderful group of ladies from church, I set out to doodle my way through it.

We're reading The Story by Randy Frazee.  Each week we have assigned reading and then come together for a time of fellowship and discussion after watching a short video segment.  As I'm reading throughout the week, I journal/doodle through The Story.  I must confess, I was very nervous about beginning.  I'm a little OCD and was worried about "screwing it up".  I didn't have any special supplies and don't really have the funding to go buy any.  In the end, I figured if it didn't meet my expectations, I could just throw it away so I decided to start with things we had around the house.  I chose a simple composition notebook, adding a label to cover "College Ruled" and all that jazz.

Like in a bullet journal, I started my bible journal with an index.  I intend to go back when the journal is full and fill in the page numbers with a brief description of what's on each page.  This could make for an easy reference in future studies.

I left approx. three blank pages for the index, before starting in with my first bible journal doodles...

I'm actually really excited about the way it's turning out.  Sometimes, I read and get distracted, forgetting what I read.  Bible journaling has helped me to slow down and ponder God's Word.  I use the journal to not only doodle, but to copy Scripture passages, and bullet points about each story.

By the way, today, Kari is releasing a new Advent study called, The Promises, Old Testament Prophecies and Their Fulfillment in Christ.  I can't wait to take a closer look!


  1. Wow, Melissa, your entries are so lovely! I have never heard of this type of Bible study before. I can see how this method would really cement those things from Scripture in your mind - and memory. Thanks for sharing this.
    I started the school year with a bullet journal and it didn't work for me. So I am back to sticky notes all over the kitchen. :)
    Stopping by from the Keeping link up...

  2. What creative work! This is really fun. I think my daughter would particularly enjoy seeing your layouts and style--I'm going to show her to inspire her, because she loves this kind of thing. :)

  3. This is very nice entries. Thanks for sharing.