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November History, Geography, Government, Book Sale List Update...

I am a homeschooling mother with a real passion for books.  It's my mission to rescue great living books and get them in the hands of families that cherish books as much as we do.   Many of the living books I have for sale are duplicate copies of books in our personal library.   Many of these books are no longer in print, have disappeared from the public libraries, and are getting harder and harder to find.  Some of the books are new, most are used, and some are ex-library copies with the usual markings.  We are a smoke and pet free home. 

The books are listed chronologically.  So if you know the time period you’d like to study, you can scroll to that section.  Also, I've tried to code books used in popular curricula.  See chart below.  This is one of the longest lists I've had and there truly are many wonderful books here as we've read several ourselves.  Let me know if you need recommendations. 

There is no minimum order.  I accept PayPal.  I use media mail shipping and ship anywhere in the U.S.   Actual shipping is figured by weight on larger orders.  Please send questions or desired book list via the contact form on the right for a shipping quote.  

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History – Arranged Chronologically

SL – Sonlight
TQ – TruthQuest
AO – Ambleside Online
SCM – Simply Charlotte Mason
BF – Beautiful Feet
WP – Winter Promise
VP – Veritas Press
MFW – My Father’s World
CoF – Cornerstones of Freedom

Ancient Civilizations/Cultures

Genesis, Finding our Roots by Ruth Beechick (hardcover) TQ $7

The Story of Mankind by Hendrik Van Loon (hardcover) AO $6

Usborne The Time Traveller Book of Pharaohs & Pyramids by Tony Allan (hardcover) SL 1/B VP TQ $4

Egypt (Insiders) by Joyce Tyldesley $4

Footsteps in Time: The Greeks by Sally Hewitt $2

The Trojan Horse, How the Greeks Won the War by Emily Little (hardcover) TQ SL $3

The Secret of Alexander’s Horse by Tony Palazzo (1965 hardcover) $5

The Cat Who Went to Heaven by Elizabeth Coatsworth SL 5/F $2

The Cat Who Went to Heaven by Elizabeth Coatsworth (hardcover) SL 5/F $3

Work and Play in the Philippines – New World Neighbors Series (1944 hardcover) $4

Count Your Way Through China by Jim Haskins $3

The Corn Grows Ripe by Dorothy Rhoads SL 3/C $3 each

Shadow Spinner by Susan Fletcher SL 5/F $3

The Master: A Life of Jesus by John Pollock $3

Landmark The Life of Saint Paul by Harry Emerson Fosdick (1962 hardcover) TQ $5

City, A Story of Roman Planning and Construction by David Macaulay TQ BF $6

Teacher Created Materials Thematic Unit Ancient Rome $2

The White Stag by Kate Seredy TQ AO $3

Middle Ages/Renaissance/Reformation

Teacher Created Materials Thematic Unit – Medieval Times $3

The Vikings by Robert Nicholson & Claire Watts $3

History Explorers Viking Raiders by Fiona Macdonald $4

Landmark The Vikings by Elizabeth Janeway (hardcover) SL AO TQ $5

Eric the Red and Leif the Lucky by Barbara Schiller SL 1/B TQ $4 each

Usborne The Adventures of King Arthur retold by Angela Wilkes $2

The Apple and the Arrow: The Legend of William Tell by Mary and Conrad Buff Core K/A TQ $3 each

Catherine Called Birdy by Karen Cushman Core 6/G $2 each

Getting to Know the World’s Greatest Artists – Rembrandt by Mike Venezia (hardcover) $3

Martin Luther, A Man Who Changed the World by Paul L. Maier (hardcover) TQ VP $4

The Beggar’s Bible by Louise A. Vernon SCM VP TQ $4

The Hawk That Dare Not Hunt by Day by Scott O’Dell (1975 hardcover) BF TQ $5

The Whipping Boy by Sid Fleischman SL 2/C TQ BF $3 each

The Door in the Wall by Marguerite de Angeli SL 1/B/2/B VP TQ BF $3

Robin Hood of Sherwood Forest by Ann McGovern SL 1/B $3

The Midwife’s Apprentice by Karen Cushman (hardcover) $3

Adam of the Road by Elizabeth Janet Gray (hardcover w/dust jacket) SL TQ BF $5

Crispin The Cross of Lead by Avi TQ $3

Dove and Sword, A Novel of Joan of Arc by Nancy Garden $3

The Shakespeare Stealer by Gary Blackwood SL $3

Girl in a Cage by Jane Yolen $2

Exploration/Native Americans

DK Children’s Encyclopedia of American History (hardcover w/Mylar jacket) SL 3/4/D/E $15

North American Indian Sign Language by Karen Liptak $3

Trade, Transportation, and Warfare – American Indian Contributions to the World by Keoke & Porterfield (hardcover) $3

North American Indians by Marie and Douglas Gorsline Core 3/D TQ $3

Pathki Nana, Kootenai Girl Solves a Mystery by Kenneth Thomasma $2

Marco Polo by Gian Paolo Ceserani (hardcover) TQ $5

The Usborne Book of Explorers from Columbus to Armstrong $2

Columbus, Finder of the New World by Ronald Syme (hardcover) TQ $5

Did Columbus Really Discover America? By Peter and Connie Roop $2 each

Christopher Columbus by David Goodnough $2

I, Columbus – My Journal edited by Peter and Connie Roop TQ $3

Meet Christopher Columbus by James T. de Kay (Landmark edition) TQ $3

Christopher Columbus by Ann McGovern $3

Columbus by Ingri & Edgar Parin d’Aulaire (small paperback black & white reprint) TQ BF $2

Christopher Columbus, Admiral of the Ocean Sea $2

I Sailed with Columbus by Miriam Schlein $2

Around the World in a Hundred Years by Jean Fritz SCM $4

Magellan, Voyager with a Dream by William Jay Jacobs (hardcover) $3

Balboa, Discoverer of the Pacific by Jeannette Mirsky (hardcover) TQ $5

John Cabot and His Son Sebastian by Ronald Syme (hardcover) TQ $6

Colonization/American Revolution

Rewriting of America’s History by Catherine Millard VT $4 each

The Discovery of the Americas by Betsy & Giulio Maestro TQ $3 each

The New Americans – Colonial Times (1620-1689) by Betsy & Giulio Maestro TQ VT $3

The First Book of Early Settlers by Louise Dickinson Rich (hardcover) TQ $5

Land of the Free by Enid La Monte Meadowcroft (1961 hardcover) $6

Life in America Series
            Life Establishing a Nation 1790-1849 $8
            Life in a New World 1000-1763 $8

Blue Feather's Vision, The Dawn of Colonial America by James E. Knight $3 each

The Story of Jamestown by Marilyn Prolman (hardcover) TQ $4

The Paradox of Jamestown 1585 – 1700 by Collier & Collier (hardcover) VT $4

The Double Life of Pocahontas by Jean Fritz TQ VT $3

Pocahontas and the Strangers by Clyde Robert Bulla SL 3/D TQ VT $4

Landmark Pocahontas and Captain John Smith by Marie Lawson (hardcover) TQ $5

Pocahontas, Girl of Jamestown by Kate Jassem (hardcover) $3

If you Sailed on the Mayflower by Ann McGovern TQ VT $3

The Shipbuilders by Leonard Everett Fisher (1971 hardcover) TQ $5

Down Ryton Water by E. R. Gaggin SL 7/H $4

The Pilgrims of Plimoth by Marcia Sewall BF TQ VT $4

The Pilgrims First Thanksgiving by Ann McGovern VT $2 each

N. C. Wyeth’s Pilgrims text by Robert San Souci TQ VT $3

Sarah Morton’s Day by Kate Waters VP TQ VT $4 each

Samuel Eaton’s Day by Kate Waters VP TQ VT $4 each

The First Thanksgiving by Jean Craighead George TQ VT $2

Eating the Plates by Lucille Recht Penner TQ VT $5

Historic Communities – Tools and Gadgets by Bobbie Kalman $3

Eastern Trails, From Footprints to Turnpikes by Kathy Pelta (hardcover) $2

Pontiac, Chief of the Ottawas by Jane Fleischer (hardcover) $3

Dear America Standing in the Light, The Captive Diary of Catharine Carey Logan, 1763 (hardcover) $3

The Unredeemed Captive by John Demos VT $4

Calico Bush by Rachel Field SL TQ $4 each

Calico Captive by Elizabeth George Speare SL VP TQ $4

The Colonial Wars by Alden R. Carter TQ VT $4

Colonial Life in America by Louis Sabin (Troll) VT $3

The Deerslayer by James Fenimore Cooper TQ $4

The Pathfinder by James Fenimore Cooper $4

Landmark The Witchcraft of Salem Village by Shirley Jackson (hardcover) TQ $5

The Witch of Blackbird Pond by Elizabeth George Speare SL 3/4/D/E VP TQ VT $3

Our Great Heritage….from the Beginning – The Revolutionary Years 1763-1783 (hardcover) $4

Ben Franklin’s Almanac, Being a True Account of the Good Gentleman’s Life by Candace Fleming TQ $4

Benjamin Franklin, A Man with Many Jobs by Carol Greene (hardcover Rookie Biography) TQ $3

Benjamin Franklin by Enid LaMonte Meadowcroft TQ $3

The Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin TQ VP BF VT $4

And Then What Happened Paul Revere? by Jean Fritz SL 3/D TQ $3

Paul Revere’s Ride by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow (hardcover) TQ $4

Paul Revere & the World He Lived In by Esther Forbes (hardcover) TQ $5

Where was Patrick Henry on the 29th of May? by Jean Fritz TQ $3

Sam the Minuteman by Nathaniel Benchley TQ VT $3 each

George the Drummer Boy by Nathaniel Benchley (hardcover) VP TQ VT $3

Johnny Tremain by Esther Forbes (hardcover w/dust jacket) SL 3/4/D/E TQ BF VP AO VT $5

Johnny Tremain by Esther Forbes SL 3/4/D/E TQ BF VP AO VT $3 each

My Brother Sam is Dead by Collier & Collier TQ $3

Guns for General Washington by Seymour Reit TQ VT $3 each

April Morning by Howard Fast $3

The Sherwood Ring by Elizabeth Marie Pope SL $3

Landmark The American Revolution by Bruce Bliven, Jr. TQ VT $4

General Washington’s Christmas Farewell by Stanley Weintraub $2

A Picture Book of George Washington by David A. Adler TQ $3

The Adventures of George Washington by Margaret Davidson TQ $3 each

Buttons for General Washington by Peter & Connie Roop (hardcover) TQ VT $3 each

George Washington’s Mother by Jean Fritz TQ $2

Young George Washington, America’s First President by Andrew Woods (Troll) TQ $3

If You Grew Up With George Washington by Ruth Below Gross TQ $3

George Washington’s Birthdays by Wilma Pitchford Hays (hardcover) TQ $4

Washington’s Birthday by Clyde Robert Bulla (hardcover) TQ $4

Childhood of Famous Americans Martha Washington, America’s First First Lady by Jean Brown Wagoner TQ $4

The Battle of Lexington and Concord by Neil Johnson (hardcover) TQ VT $4

Phoebe the Spy by Judith Berry Griffin SL 3/4/D/E TQ $3 each

Landmark The Marquis de Lafayette, Bright Sword for Freedom by Hodding Carter (hardcover) TQ $5

Landmark The Winter at Valley Forge by F. Van Wyck Mason (hardcover) TQ $5

1776 by David McCullough (hardcover w/jacket) TQ $5

A History of US The New Nation by Joy Hakim (hardcover) SL Core 100 VP $5

Meet Thomas Jefferson by Marvin Barrett (Step Up Books edition – hardcover) TQ $4

A Picture Book of Thomas Jefferson by David A. Adler TQ $3

Thomas Jefferson by Clara Ingram Judson (hardcover) TQ $8

Journey to Monticello, Traveling in Colonial Times by James E. Knight $3 each

Give me Liberty! – The Story of the Declaration of Independence by Russell Freedman TQ VT $5

The Story of the Declaration of Independence by R. Conrad Stein (hardcover) TQ CoF $4

Shh! We’re Writing the Constitution by Jean Fritz TQ $4 each

The First Book of the Constitution by Richard B. Morris (hardcover w/Mylar) TQ VT $4

If You Were There When They Signed the Constitution by Elizabeth Levy SL 3/D TQ VT $3

We the People, the Constitution of the United States of America by Peter Spier (hardcover) TQ $4

The Great Little Madison by Jean Fritz (hardcover) VP TQ BF $3

Betsy Ross by Alexandra Wallner TQ $3

The Story of Bonhomme Richard by Norman Richards (hardcover) CoF TQ $4

Fever 1793 by Laurie Halse Anderson WP $2 each

An American Plague by Jim Murphy (hardcover) $5

America’s First Elephant by Robert M. McClung (hardcover) VT $3

Daniel Boone by Katharine E. Wilkie TQ $3

1800’s/Westward Expansion

The Prairie by James Fenimore Cooper TQ $4

A Picture Book of Sacagawea by David A. Adler TQ $3 each

Sacajawea, Guide to Lewis and Clark by Della Rowland BF $4 each

The Captain’s Dog: My Journey with the Lewis & Clark Tribe by Roland Smith (hardcover) TQ $5

The Incredible Journey of Lewis & Clark by Rhoda Blumberg (hardcover) VT $5

Landmark The Lewis and Clark Expedition by Richard Neuberger (1951 hardcover) SL TQ BF $5

Undaunted Courage by Stephen Ambrose $4

The Story of the Lewis and Clark Expedition by R. Conrad Stein (hardcover) CoF TQ $4

The Broken Blade by William Durbin SL 7/HTQ $3

Diary of an Early American Boy by Eric Sloane SL 4/E TQ VT $4

Stephen Decatur – Fighting Sailor – A Discovery Book by Wyatt Blassingame (hardcover) TQ $4

By the Dawn’s Early Light, The Story of the Star-Spangled Banner by Steven Kroll TQ $4

The First Book of the War of 1812 by Richard B. Morris (hardcover) TQ $4 each

Abigail’s Drum by John A. Minahan TQ VT $3

Sower - Artist with a Message, Samuel F. B. Morse by John Hudon Tiner TQ VT $4

Johnny Appleseed – A Tall Tale Retold and Illustrated by Steven Kellogg TQ $3

Johnny Appleseed – A Poem by Reeve Lindbergh TQ $4 each

Johnny Appleseed by Carol Beach York (hardcover) $2

John Chapman, The Man Who Was Johnny Appleseed by Carol Greene (hardcover Rookie Biography) $3

A Gathering of Days: A New England Girl’s Journal, 1830-32 by Joan W. Blos Core 100 TQ BF VT $3 each

Carry on Mr. Bowditch by Jean Lee Latham (hardcover) SL TQ $5

Sequoyah, Cherokee Hero by Joanne Oppenheim TQ $4

The Defenders by Ann McGovern $2 each

The Cherokee by Emilie U. Lepthien – A New True Book TQ $3

If You Lived With the Cherokee by Peter and Connie Roop TQ $3

Soft Rain, A Story of the Cherokee Trail of Tears by Cornelia Cornelissen VP $3

Moccasin Trail by Eloise Jarvis McGraw SL 4/E TQ $3

When Mountain Men Trapped Beaver by Richard Glendinning (hardcover) TQ $6

Childhood of Famous Americans Davy Crockett, Young Rifleman, by Aileen Wells Parks TQ $4

Quit Pulling my Leg!, A Story of Davy Crockett by Robert Quackenbush (hardcover) TQ $3

Signature Book The Story of Davy Crockett by Enid LaMonte Meadowcroft (hardcover) TQ $4

Susanna of the Alamo A True Story by John Jakes (hardcover) $4

The Wild West by Mike Stotter $3

The Oregon Trail by R. Conrad Stein (hardcover) CoF TQ VT $4

If You Traveled West in a Covered Wagon by Ellen Levine TQ VT $3

The Oregon Trail by Francis Parkman (hardcover) TQ $3

Wagons West: Off to Oregon by Catherine E. Chambers VT $2

Wagon Train by Sydelle Kramer TQ $2

Wagon Wheels by Barbara Brenner (hardcover) SL 2/C TQ $3

Trails to the West, Beyond the Mississippi by Kathy Pelta (hardcover) $3

Meet the Wards on the Oregon Trail by John J. Loeper TQ VT $3

Rachel’s Journal, The Story of a Pioneer Girl by Marissa Moss TQ VT $3

Apples to Oregon by Deborah Hopkinson & Nancy Carpenter TQ $3

Ox-Cart Man by Donald Hall (hardcover) TQ VT $4

The Story of the Women Who Shaped the West by Mary Virginia Fox CoF TQ $3

The Seasons Sewn: A Year in Patchwork by Ann Whitford Paul TQ $4

Troubles for Lucy by Carla Stevens (hardcover) TQ $3

The Josefina Story Quilt by Eleanor Coerr TQ VT $3 each

Next Spring and Oriole by Gloria Whelan (hardcover) $3

Island of the Blue Dolphins by Scott O’Dell (hardcover) SL 5/F BF TQ $3 each

Song of the Swallows by Leo Politi BF TQ $4 each

Ludwig Van Beethoven, Young Composer by Louis Sabin $3 each

The Young Brahms by Sybil Deucher (1949 hardcover) $10

Revenge of the Whale, the True Story of the Whaleship Essex by Nathaniel Philbrick $3

Commodore Perry in the Land of Shogun by Rhoda Blumberg (hardcover) Core 5/F $6

American Heritage Junior Library Commodore Perry in Japan (hardcover) $5

Sadako and the Thousand Paper Cranes by Eleanor Coerr SL 5/F $3 each

Snowshoe Thompson by Nancy Smiler Levinson TQ VT $2 each

Hitty, Her First Hundred Years by Rachel Field (hardcover) TQ $4 each

Hitty, Her First Hundred Years by Rachel Field TQ $3 

Keep the Lights Burning, Abbie by Peter and Connie Roop SL 2/C $3

All Sail Set by Armstrong Sperry SL 4/E TQ $4

They’re Off! The Story of the Pony Express by Cheryl Harness VP TQ $4

Pony Express by Steven Kroll (hardcover) TQ VT $4 each

Louis Braille, The Boy Who Invented Books for the Blind by Margaret Davidson SL 5/F TQ $3 each

Underground RailRoad/Slavery/Civil War 1865

A Separate Battle: Women and the Civil War by Ina Chang $2 each

The Last Safe House: A Story of the Underground Railroad by Barbara Greenwood TQ $4

Freedom Crossing by Margaret Goff Clark TQ $2

Steal Away to Freedom by Jennifer Armstrong $2

A Picture Book of Harriet Tubman by David Adler TQ $3 each

Runaway Slave, The Story of Harriet Tubman by Ann McGovern TQ VT $4 each

A Picture Book of Sojourner Truth by David Adler TQ $3

Across Five Aprils by Irene Hunt SL 4/E TQ BF VT $4 each

Landmark Lincoln and Douglas, The Year of Decision by Regina Kelly (hardcover) TQ VT $5

A Picture Book of Abraham Lincoln by David Adler TQ $3

True Stories about Abraham Lincoln by Ruth Belov Gross $2

The Death of Lincoln by Leroy Hayman TQ BF $3

Abraham’s Battle – A Novel of Gettysburg by Sara Harrell Banks TQ $2

Abe Lincoln Gets His Chance by Frances Cavanah TQ $3 each

Abraham Lincoln: An Initial Biography by Genevieve Foster (1950 hardcover) TQ $12

Abe Lincoln’s Hat by Martha Brenner TQ $3

Lincoln A Photobiography by Russell Freedman (hardcover) SL 4/E TQ VT $5

Abe Lincoln Remembers by Ann Turner TQ $3

That Lincoln Boy by Earl Schenck Miers (1968 hardcover) $3

Meet Abraham Lincoln by Barbara Cary (Step-Up Books – hardcover) TQ $4

Abraham Lincoln by Ingri & Edgar Parin d’Aulaire (small soft cover black & white reprint) TQ BF $2

The Story of the Battle of Shiloh by Zachary Kent (hardcover) CoF TQ VT $4

The Story of the Lincoln Memorial by Natalie Miller (hardcover) CoF $4

Frederick Douglass: Portrait of a Freedom Fighter by Sheila Keenan $2

Frederick Douglass Fights for Freedom by Margaret Davidson TQ $2

Carver, A Life in Poems by Marilyn Nelson (hardcover) BF $4

Up From Slavery by Booker T. Washington SL TQ BF VT $4

The Red Badge of Courage by Stephen Crane SL Core 100 BF VP TQ $4 each

Charlie Skedaddle by Patricia Beatty TQ VT $2

Uncle Tom’s Cabin by Harriet Beecher Stowe BF TQ VP AO10 VT $3

Bull Run by Paul Fleischman TQ $3

The Boys’ War, Confederate & Union Soldiers Talk About the Civil War by Jim Murphy VT $5

The How & Why Wonder Book of Civil War by Earl Schenck Miers $2

Unconditional Surrender, US Grand and the Civil War by Albert Marrin (hardcover) TQ BF VT $5

Landmark Stonewall Jackson by Jonathan Daniels (hardcover) TQ $5

Landmark Lee and Grant at Appomattox by MacKinlay Kantor (hardcover) TQ VT $5

Old Abe: The Eagle Hero by Patrick Young (hardcover) VT $5

Cry of Courage by Lee Roddy (large print) $3

1865 to 20th Century

Banner in the Sky by James Ramsey Ullman Core 7/H $3 each

Molly’s Pilgrim by Barbara Cohen TQ $3 each

A Prairie Alphabet by Yvette Moore & Jo Bannatyne-Cugnet $3

Laura Ingalls Wilder: Activities Based on Research from the L. I. Wilder Homes & Museums $3

My Little House Cookbook $3

Winter Days in the Big Woods (hardcover) $3

Pioneer Sisters $2

Little House in the Big Woods by Laura Ingalls Wilder (hardcover) TQ AO $3

Little House on the Prairie by Laura Ingalls Wilder (hardcover) TQ AO $3

On the Banks of Plum Creek by Laura Ingalls Wilder TQ AO $3 each

By the Shores of Silver Lake by Laura Ingalls Wilder TQ AO $3 each

On the Way Home by Laura Ingalls Wilder TQ $3

Little House on Rocky Ridge by Roger Lea MacBride SL 2/C TQ VT $3

New Dawn on Rocky Ridge by Roger Lea MacBride $3

On the Other Side of the Hill by Roger Lea MacBride $3

Bachelor Girl by Roger Lea MacBride $3 each

Little Town at the Crossroads by Maria D. Wilkes $3

In the Land of the Big Red Apple by Roger Lea MacBride $3

Still More Stories from Grandma’s Attic by Arleta Richardson VT $3

Sixteen and Away from Home by Arleta Richardson $3

Plain Girl by Virginia Sorensen SL 4/E $3 each

Winding Valley Farm: Annie’s Story by Anne Pellowski (hardcover) $10

Betsy’s Up-and-Down Year by Anne Pellowski $10

Willow Wind Farm: Betsy’s Story by Anne Pellowski (hardcover) $10

Caddie Woodlawn by Carol Ryrie Brink (hardcover) SL 4/E TQ BF VT $3 each

A Pioneer Farm Girl, The Diary of Sarah Gillespie, 1877-1878 (hardcover) $3 each

A One-Room School by Bobbie Kalman (Historic Communities – hardcover) $3

Kunu Winnebago Boy Escapes by Kenneth Thomasma (autographed copy) $3

If you Lived with the Sioux Indians by Ann McGovern TQ $3 each

The Sioux Indians by Sonia Bleeker (hardcover) TQ $5 each

The Apache Indians by Sonia Bleeker (hardcover) TQ $5

Cowboys by Marie and Douglas Gorsline TQ $3

The Conquest of the West – A Sourcebook of the American West edited by Carter Smith $3

The Story of Wounded Knee by R. Conrad Stein (hardcover) TQ CoF $4

Buffalo Bill by Ingri & Edgar Parin d’Aulaire (small black & white reprint) TQ BF $2

Signature Books The Story of Buffalo Bill by Edmund Collier (hardcover) TQ $5

Signature Books The Story of Geronimo by Jim Kjelgaard (hardcover) TQ $5

Signature Books The Story of General Custer by Margaret Leighton (hardcover) TQ $5

Landmark Custer’s Last Stand by Quentin Reynolds (hardcover – loose spine) TQ VT $4

John Henry: An American Legend by Ezra Jack Keats TQ $2

American Tall Tales by Adrien Stoutenburg SL P4/5 AO $3 each

My Antonia by Willa Cather SL Core 400 AO 10 $2 each

Knots on a Counting Rope by Bill Martin Jr. and John Archambault TQ $2 each

Squirrel and John Muir by Emily Arnold McCully (hardcover) $3

Cowboys of the Wild West by Russell Freedman TQ VT $5

Children of the Wild West by Russell Freedman TQ VT $5 each

An Indian Winter by Russell Freedman TQ $5 each

Cattle Trails, “Git Along Little Dogies” by Kathy Pelta (hardcover) $3

Presidential Elections by Miles Harvey CoF TQ $3

You Want Women to Vote, Lizzie Stanton by Jean Fritz SL Core 300 $3

The Path Between the Seas – The Creation of the Panama Canal 1870-1914 by David McCullough $5 each

The Great Fire by Jim Murphy TQ $ VT 5

The Story of the Chicago Fire by R. Conrad Stein (hardcover) CoF TQ $4

The Chicago Fire, 1871 by Corinne J. Naden (hardcover) $5 each

Early Loggers and the Sawmill by Peter Adams (The Early Settler Life Series) $4

Addie’s Dakota Winter by Laurie Lawlor TQ VT $3

Kate Shelley Bound for Legend by Robert D San Souci TQ $2 each

Theodore Roosevelt by Clara Ingram Judson (1953 hardcover) TQ $6

Theodore Roosevelt, The Great Adventure and the Rise of Modern America by Albert Marrin (hardcover w/dust jacket) $5

Adventure in Courage The Story of Theodore Roosevelt by Frances Cavanah (1961 hardcover) TQ $6

Bully for You, Teddy Roosevelt! by Jean Fritz SL 4/E TQ BF $3

If You Lived at the Time of the Great San Francisco Earthquake by Ellen Levine SL 4/E TQ $3 each

All Quiet on the Western Front by Erich Maria Remarque SL VP TQ $4

The Titanic Lost…and Found by Judy Donnelly (hardcover) SL 2/C TQ $3           

Sky Pioneer: A Photobiography of Amelia Earhart by Corinne Szabo $4

The Spirit of the St. Louis by R. Conrad Stein CoF TQ $4

The Spirit of St. Louis by Charles A. Lindbergh BF $4

The Wright Brothers by Charles Graves (hardcover) TQ VT $3

Landmark The Wright Brothers by Quentin Reynolds (hardcover – loose spine) SL 3/4/D/E VP TQ VT $4

Up in the Air: Bessie Coleman by Philip S. Hart TQ $4

Homesick by Jean Fritz SL 5/F $2

Profiles in Science for Young People Marie Curie and the Discovery of Radium by Ann E. Steinke TQ $3

Sower Billy Sunday, Home Run to Heaven by Robert Allen $4

The Statue of Liberty by Lucille Recht Penner $2

The Long Way to a New Land by Joan Sandin TQ VT $3 each

Journey to America by Sonia Levitin VP $3

Ellis Island by R. Conrad Stein CoF TQ $4

All-Of-A-Kind Family by Sydney Taylor SL 4/E $3

A Prairie Boy’s Winter by William Kurelek TQ $4

The Great Depression by R. Conrad Stein CoF TQ $4

Out of the Dust by Karen Hesse SL Core 100 TQ $3

Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry by Mildred D. Taylor SL 4/E BF TQ VT $3 each

Blue Willow by Doris Gates SL Core 100 AO BF TQ $4

A Family Apart by Joan Lowery Nixon TQ VT $3 each

The Hindenburg Disaster by R. Conrad Stein (hardcover) CoF TQ $4

Landmark The Alaska Gold Rush by May McNeer (1960 hardcover) TQ $5

Landmark The Story of Albert Schweitzer by Anita Daniel (1957 hardcover) $5

The Great Wheel by Robert Lawson SL 4/E $3

Kids at Work, Lewis Hine and the Crusade Against Child Labor by Russell Freedman $5

Let the Circle Be Unbroken by Mildred D. Taylor $3

Robert Louis Stevenson, Young Storyteller by Francene Sabin $3

Holocaust/ WWII

The Story of D-Day by R. Conrad Stein (hardcover) CoF TQ $ VT 4

Hiroshima by John Hersey BF TQ $4 each

One Day in the Life of Ivan Denisovich by Alexander Solzhenitsyn SL VP $3 each

Dear America The Journal of Scott Pendleton Collins, A World War II Soldier 1944 (hardcover) $3

The Story of the Trapp Family Singers by Maria Augusta Trapp TQ BF VP $4

Anne Frank, The Diary of a Young Girl by Anne Frank TQ BF VP $4 each

Number the Stars by Lois Lowry TQ SL BF $4

So Far From the Bamboo Grove by Yoko Kawashima Watkins (hardcover) BF $4

Schindler's List by Thomas Keneally $4

Snow Treasure by Marie McSwigan SL TQ AO6 $3

Twenty and Ten by Claire Huchet Bishop SL TQ VP $4

Modern Times

Call it Courage by Armstrong Sperry SL 5/F BF $2 each

Call it Courage by Armstrong Sperry (hardcover) SL 5/F BF $4

The Call of the Wild by Jack London Core 100 VP AO $2

Where the Red Fern Grows by Wilson Rawls TQ VP AO $3

Rascal by Sterling North SL 5/F TQ BF $3

The Wolfling by Sterling North $3 each

Young Fu of the Upper Yangtze by Elizabeth Foreman Lewis SL 5/F $3

Year of Impossible Goodbyes by Sook Myul Choi SL 5/F BF $3

The Big Wave by Pearl S. Buck SL 5/F $2

Charlotte’s Web by E. B. White SL 1/B VP $3 each

The Trumpet of the Swan by E. B. White $3 each

Stuart Little by E. B. White $3

Miracles on Maple Hill by Virginia Sorensen (hardcover) SL 3/4 D/E $4

Miracles on Maple Hill by Virginia Sorensen SL 3/4 D/E AO $3 each

The Great Gilly Hopkins by Katherine Paterson SL Core 300 $2

Swift Rivers by Cornelia Meigs SL 3/D $3

Jacob Have I Loved by Katherine Paterson SL Core 400 $2 each

In the Year of the Boar and Jackie Robinson by Bette Bao Lord SL 3/4 D/E $2 each

Babe Ruth, Home Run Hero by Keith Brandt (hardcover) TQ $3

Sounder by William H. Armstrong SL Core 100 $3 each

The Education of Little Tree by Forrest Carter TQ $2 each

Anne of Green Gables by L M Montgomery AO TQ VP $4 each

Anne of Ingleside by L. M. Montgomery TQ $2 each

Misty of Chincoteague by Marguerite Henry SL 2/C TQ BF VP $3 each

Sea Star, Orphan of Chincoteague by Marguerite Henry $3

King of the Wind by Marguerite Henry BF AO 3 TQ SL 5/F $3

Justin Morgan Had a Horse by Marguerite Henry BF AO 4 TQ SL $3

Born to Trot by Marguerite Henry $3

Black Beauty by Anna Sewell BF AO 4 $3

Invincible Louisa by Cornelia Miegs TQ $3

Little Women by Louisa May Alcott AO VP VT $4

Little Men by Louisa May Alcott (hardcover) AO $3 each

Under the Lilacs by Louisa May Alcott (hardcover) AO $3

Jo’s Boys by Louisa May Alcott (hardcover) AO $3

A Picture Book of Helen Keller by David A. Adler TQ $3

Helen Keller – The Story of My Life by Helen Keller - Illustrated Classics comic format VT $4

Helen Keller by Margaret Davidson SL 4/ETQ $3

Helen Keller’s Teacher by Mickie Davidson TQ VT $3

Shadow of a Bull by Maia Wojciechowska SL 6/G $3

The Breadwinner, An Afghan Child in a War Torn Land by Deborah Ellis SL 7/H $3

Childhood of Famous Americans Knute Rockne, Young Athlete by Guernsey Van Riper, Jr. $3

20th Century – The Fifties – Teacher Created Materials $3

Profiles in Courage by John F. Kennedy (hardcover) $3

If you Lived at the Time or Martin Luther King by Ellen Levine TQ VT $3

Young Rosa Parks, Civil Rights Heroine by Anne Benjamin (Troll First Start Biography) TQ $3

The Story of the Montgomery Bus Boycott by R. Conrad Stein (hardcover) CoF TQ VT $4

Through My Eyes by Ruby Bridges $3

The Day We Walked on the Moon, A Photo History of Space Exploration by George Sullivan VT $4

The White House by Deborah Kent (hardcover) CoF TQ $4

First Ladies by Susan Maloney Clinton (hardcover) CoF TQ $4

Getting to Know the U.S. Presidents - Gerald R. Ford by Mike Venezia TQ $3

Misc. History Resources

The Colony Series by Dennis Brindell Fradin – set of 12 hardcover books TQ $35
-       The Connecticut Colony
-       The Delaware Colony
-       The Georgia Colony
-       The Maryland Colony
-       The New Hampshire Colony
-       The New Jersey Colony
-       The New York Colony
-       The North Carolina Colony
-       The Pennsylvania Colony
-       The Rhode Island Colony
-       The South Carolina Colony
-       The Virginia Colony

A Basic History of the United States by Clarence B. Carson – set of 5 books TQ $35
-       The Colonial Experience: 1607-1774
-       The Beginning of the Republic: 1775-1825
-       The Sections and the Civil War: 1826-1877
-       The Growth of America: 1878-1928
-       The Welfare State: 1929-1985

The American Patriot’s Almanac by William J. Bennett and John T.E. Cribb (hardcover) $5

TruthQuest History, American History for Young Students I by Michelle Miller $15

A Child’s Story of America by McHugh and Morris VP $4

Turning Back the Pages of Time, A Guide to American History Through Literature by Kathy Keller $3

The Handy History Answer Book by Rebecca Nelson $4

Geography, Government, Economics, & Social Studies  

Hammond New Headline World Atlas $2

The Complete Children’s Atlas by Malcom Porter $2

Homeschool Ponies Volume 1: Patriotic Patches by Brenda Krames new w/iron on patches $10

Government by the People by Burns, Peltason, Cronin, and Magleby – student book w/CD Rom $2

Project Citizen Level 1 by Center for Civic Education new teacher guide & 2 student books $10 set

Basic American Government by Clarence Carson (hardcover) SL Core 300 $15

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