Friday, November 6, 2015

Friday Findings: High School Book Report, Inspiration,

Telling Lies to Tell the Truth is an example of a literary analysis book report at the high school level.  The author created the sample with explanatory comments throughout to assist your student in writing or you in evaluating your student's writing.  I believe seeing examples is helpful when grading/assessing your students work.

If you need a little inspiration today, check out Steve Job's commencement address back in 2005 at Stanford University.  His fifteen minute speech left me much to ponder.

Have you seen Stop Stealing Dreams, a TED talk by Seth Godin?  I thought he made a few excellent points!

Last weekend, we went to aunt's, uncle's, neighbor's, and grandpa's house for Halloween.  We made it a time to stop in and visit rather than a celebration of evil.  We didn't go around town, but mostly to the rural neighborhood where I grew up.  It was a treat to spend time with old friends. Some of which are quite elderly and no longer getting around very well.  To be honest, it was one of the best Halloweens I ever had.

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