Friday, July 8, 2016

Friday Findings: Beautiful Feet Sale, Andrew Clements, Homeschool Planning, Chores...

Beautiful Feet is running a spectacular sale on their D'Aulaire books.  If you haven't read these, you must!  I believe every home library should have a copy of these books to pass on to future generations.

I'm not a Read Aloud Revival member, but I did watch the FREE Author Access Event with Andrew Clements.  I'm not sure how long the link will remain free, so if you're interested you should act quickly.  I really enjoyed listening to Mr. Clements and loved what he said about the writing process beginning one word at a time.

I've been catching up on Mystie's Planning Chats and so appreciated Planning That Matters.  It was a treat to see how each different mom develops her planner, some digital and some paper.  I personally use a hybrid, but tend toward paper.

Loading the Dishwasher while Standing on Broken Glass gives an interesting perspective on chores.  I agree with Danika in that we don't have chore charts, however, I'm not having the same joyful result in getting tasks completed that she proclaims, therefore, I've been considering a chart of some kind.  Her article is making me step back and reassess our situation.

Summer scenes of brothers...


  1. That was an interesting chore article! We don't have charts either, but we do have chores assigned. At our house that means any child who is age 4 by June 1 or older gets one room of the house as their total responsibility. They clean it daily - for a year. By the end of that year they are experts, it is second nature. And they pass the room on to another child the next year.

    The bedrooms are cleaned by those sleeping in them. Laundry is done by those sharing one bedroom. (Oldest person in bedroom washes, next oldest dries, all put their clothes away.)

    The only other thing that is outside of one person's room assignment is dishes. Kids are paired up (older and younger) and each pair is the kitchen help for 2 days a week. They help me with cooking/meal prep and dishes.
    We change room assignments in June because it is easier to train the kids in new responsibilities during the summer so by school time they are in a routine.
    Room assignments for 2016-2017

    Makayla age 15 - Full bathroom and vacuuming hall and stairs
    Joseph age 11 - Kitchen
    Emma age 10 - Laundry room and taking out trash
    Daniel age 8 - Dining room
    Oliver age 7 - Half bathroom and carpet in alcove it is off of
    Caleb age 5 - Living room
    Mason age 4 - Piano room

    My job, as always, is to teach them all they need to know to be an adult living on their own or raising a family. So I manage and oversee, train, and pitch in to help, but am no longer responsible for the day to day chores. I am also head chef. :)

  2. Oh wow Tristan, thanks so much for sharing your chore schedule! I love looking at how others manage their homes with child involvement. I like your idea of pairing up a big kid with a little kid.