Friday, July 1, 2016

Friday Findings: Homeschool Audit, Homeschool Planning, The Reading Promise and Glue....

Happy July 1st!  Can you believe 2016 is already half over?!  I'm really looking forward to some time off in July, hoping to dip our toes in the creek, read on the beach, and catch fireflies.   But first, I completed a Homeschool Audit and am off and running into 2016-2017 academic scheduling...

Because I am in full planning mode, I watched a couple of Pam Barnhill's Facebook Live chats this week.  In Homeschool Planning that will Actually get Done, Part 1, Pam makes a few statements that resonated with me...

1. I am a better planner than implementer of my plan.  Yes, I have confessed this here before, but I appreciated what Pam said about it all looking so lovely in the beginning when it's fresh and then as we begin, reality sets in.

2. We should do our homeschool planning when we're drop dead tired so we are more realistic.  This made me smile.  I wonder if it would work?!  Completing the Homeschool Audit mentioned above has also given me perspective into how I can curb an overwhelming plan and instead work on necessities shooting for truth, beauty, and goodness.

Pam's also an advocate of co-oping, which is something I'm thinking about for the upcoming year.  In Part 2, she answers questions and talks about different ways to set up your school year as well as her Plan Your Year guide.

In addition, here's 21 Benefits of Homeschooling...and yup, I agree with all of them and probably could add 21 more!

Lastly, I read We're Looking for Glue.  Then, because I thought it was a fabulous post, I listened to Read Aloud Revival #12.  As a follow-up, I ordered The Reading Promise by Alice Ozma from our local library and am not so patiently waiting for a copy to arrive.  Hopefully, it will be there today for pick-up!

Baseball and softball seasons ended here this week...


  1. 'I am a better planner than implementer of my plan' I always feel a bit not up to scratch when I read everyone's great plans. I'm not a planner by nature & tend to put things into practice and then add them to the plan later! Not always a great idea as some things get missed. I'm interested in looking at Mystie's homeschool audit.

  2. Yes, I found the audit helpful for putting word/thought to the exact issue of struggle and also as a great reminder of the positive.

    "...tend to put things into practice and then add them to the plan later" - this may not be all bad. I can see it being beneficial, particularly when something doesn't work. Since you haven't planned for it (scheduled it), it would be easier to drop...allowing more flexibility! There's pros and cons to everything :)