Friday, July 15, 2016

Friday Findings: Kids and Jobs, Dyslexia/Dyscalculia, Disciplining our Daughters, Ask Andrew....

I've been providing taxi service for the past couple of weeks because our kids (R&R) have a job.  They're pulling giant ragweed from corn fields on an organic dairy farm.  It's been an interesting process and is Ruben's first job.  Riley has worked out of home babysitting since last summer.  They are assigned a corn row and walk the fields, pulling the plant by hand.  They work in the early morning hours before the heat of the sun is on high.  They receive an hourly wage, lunch, and play time with friends in the afternoon.  They love it!

There are many benefits to kids having jobs.  I believe in learning the value of hard work and developing a work ethic at a young age.  Learning to interact with a boss is a great skill to obtain, as is interacting with other employees, and it requires practice.  Also, working for your own money to acquire a desired thing is invaluable.  It's not always easy trying to raise ambitious children in a lazy world, but I believe it's important.

I've had paid jobs since the summer I turned eleven and now so have our two eldest.  It's sort of become a right of passage.  We don't give allowances here, but we have hired kids to do extra chores/jobs around the farm.  However, there's something special about working for someone else outside the home.  

Dealing with Dyslexia and Dyscalculia?  Kori offers some helpful tips and advice for helping your student succeed.

I stumbled on a series called Disciplining Our Daughters and was intrigued.  As our precious daughter draws closer to those teen years, I want to be sure she is armed and confident in her faith.  This five part series shows insight and has some great suggestions and resources for use with daughters of all ages.

I've been listening to Ask Andrew at the CiRCE Institute this week.  So far, I made it through the first four episodes.  These short nuggets of wisdom from Andrew Kern are delightful.  I loved what he said about giving our children actual tales rather than the Disney version.  This is very much in line with Charlotte Mason's philosophy.

Ruben and I pruned up our vines a couple of weeks ago.  They are starting to trail over the pergola.  I just love the way they look after the kids finished mowing the lawn....

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