Thursday, July 28, 2016

Sunburn Hack...

I sunburned the top of my feet of all places!  Tuesday we went to the water park because you know Wisconsin holds the water park capital of the we went to a small rural water park in Minnesota, ahem.  It was great!  No lines, pack your own lunch, park right next to the picnic area, lower cost, etc.  Of course, we all slathered in sunscreen and reapplied after a few hours, but I never thought to cover my feet.  Well, low and behold on the way home, they started to itch and burn.  By the time I got home and took my socks/shoes off, I saw they were fried!

After my initial panic, I applied coconut oil with little relief.  Next, I headed to my stash of Young Living Essential Oils because they are one of my new favorite things.  I became a distributor last year so I could get a good deal on oils for my family.  We've been experimenting with them since.  This time, I grabbed Lavender because I'm aware of its healing properties for skin related issues.  I applied a couple drops directly to my sunburned feet and immediately I felt relief.  Since, I've been putting a couple of drops on in the morning after my shower and a couple of drops at bedtime.  Today, socks are more tolerable and the irritation is much better.

I am not a doctor and by no means am I trying to give medical advice.  I just thought I'd share what worked for me.  Young Living Lavender Oil on sunburned feet brought fast relief.  It's a good thing!

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